Pun Chun, Bidor

Bidor. this small town needs no introduction anymore. famous to the out-of-towners for only one thing – Pun Chun Chicken Biscuits & Restaurant. This is the place to get your fix of noodles, and various types of chinese pastries & biscuits. as the main town centre seems to border along one main street only, Pun Chun is easy to spot with its yellow facade.


but do not be deceived by the non hustle & bustle of the town as the coffeeshop is brimming with local and out-of-towners alike. the old-school chinese coffeeshop still has a handwritten menu, a high ceiling dotted with greased up fans, and mosaic floors so walked on that some of the colour has faded off entirely. and all these just added to the charm of Pun Chun.

Duck Noodles

the most talked out about dish from Pun Chun is of course its Duck Noodles (鴨腿麵). The duck thigh is steamed in a herbal broth including wolfberries, dried longan, ginger etc. and placed in separate bowls and kept warm in the steamer. Then only is it poured onto the al dente noodles or served with a dry serving of tossed noodles.

during peak hours, one may have to wait for a long time before they get the long-awaited dish they came here for. i was lucky, as the coffeeshop was only starting to fill with patrons coming in breakfast when i made my order. the noodles were springy but somewhat tasteless by itself. now, the soup, it was well-flavoured but it didn’t appeal to me that much. maybe i am not a fan of this kind of herbal soup. or did i have too high an expectation? the duck meat was so tender if fell off the bone with a few nudges but had no taste due to the long steaming hours.


the colleague i was travelling with couldn’t take the duck noodles as she was forbidden to take duck meat by a chinese medicine practitioner. the chinese do believe that certain food, such as duck flesh releases elements of air. and i guess that’s how the ginger in the soup plays it role as it’s also traditionally used to reduce the extra “air” in one’s body. talk about yin & yang. so she ordered the wantans made with fresh shrimps & minced pork. Could see the shrimps wrapped with the pork and it was tasty! you can choose to have 6, 8 or 10 pcs.


my favourite item at Pun Chun remains as the Wu Kok ( 竽角, yam puff pastry). Freshly made and deep fried at the premises, it’s my must-have. the wispy, flaky pastry is not too greasy and I love the char-siew flavoured meat mash filling inside. A bit pricey at RM 1.30 each, but I’ll gladly pay for this delightful snack. However, it doesn’t taste as good packed so it’s best to try this at the coffeeshop when it’s freshly fried.

And as per the name of the coffeeshop, chicken biscuits (雞仔餅) and other chinese pastries are readily available. Freshly baked mooncakes were also available during our visit as it’s the 8th lunar month in the chinese calender. I’m not a big fan of the chicken biscuits etc but I do love their kaya puff (kaya 角). Bidor’s also the place to pick up fresh produce such as seedless guava, water apples, petai etc.

Pun Chun Chicken Biscuits & Restaurant 品珍
38 & 40, Jalan Besar,
35500 Bidor, Perak

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  1. wmw said

    You know, I use to pronounce Pun Chun in a way it meant “Half Stupid” in English. Hahaha…It’s nice to travel to such areas, I enjoy the sights and the food.

    epicuriousgirl says: Lol. Yup, agree that it’s nice to stop at these places.

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