Teck Wah Revisited

Am rarely in the neighborhood of this seafood restaurant hence haven’t the chance to try more of their dishes. but some contractors we were lunching with spoke of this place again so we headed there. And what a lunch it was!


Complimentary soup was given whilst the dishes were being prepared. The soup of the day was watercress soup. It was your typical MSG laden soup but I must admit it was still quite tasty. Maybe we were just too hungry. Ordered a stir-fried yau mak (small Romaine lettuce) dish and a egg fu yong (an omelette dish with spring onions, prawns and meat). I’m not a big fan of stir-fried yau mak even though i love the raw lettuce in my salads so I didn’t try any of it. The egg omelette was quite nicely cooked and not too oily.


The guys love their meat and as soon as the German pork knuckle was recommended, their eyes lit up and we could almost visualise them drooling. Lol. But must admit the crispy pork knuckle was delectable! The skin remained crisp to bite and yet the meat was tender and not dry. Enjoyed crunching on the crispy bits. Was served with a dark, sweet sauce and some chilli dip. Easily the best dish of the lot as everything was scraped off the bone.


The soy sauce prawns were titillating too. I could taste bits of crispy dried shrimp in the whatever little gravy that coated the prawns. Yummy…Cholesterol? What cholesterol?


For the fish, we ordered the Black African Tilapia to be steamed in a garlicky sauce. As the fish was swimming in the tank minutes ago, the freshness was undisputed. I love the garlic mixture they use, which had bits of chilli and ginger in it as it was so mouthwatering. One of the fish connoisseurs commented it was a tad overcooked but I couldn’t tell.


Our last dish was only added after seeing the next table’s order. A huge crab by any means as only one crab already filled up the dish nicely. Just look at the claw! Lightly steamed with egg whites and ginger, the crab retained much of its natural, fresh taste. Glistening with oil, it looked so inviting. And tasted even better!

What a lunch eh? The total cost was at RM 143 for the food for 6 people. The crab alone was at RM40 per kg. Food wise, the dishes we ordered this round definitely tasted better than what we had on our first visit. Just don’t expect to see Andy Lau here. 😛

Teck Wah Seafood Restaurant 德華海鲜酒家
31 & 33, Jalan A,
Taman Batu,
Off Jalan Kuching,
52000 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel : 03-6251 4629/6252 3260



  1. IronEaters said

    I cant go pass the fish. it looks so delicious with the garlicky sauce!lovly blog=)

    epicuriousgirl says: thanks for visiting & commenting. and yes, the garlicky sauce was sublime.

  2. steven ang said

    hi. thanks for your kind creation of this blog. I will like to introduce myself which my name is steven ang from teck wah seafood restaurant. If u visit again on our restaurant just let me know. on behalf of teck wah restaurant i would like to thanks you and your work we kindly appreciated. thank you.

    epicuriousgirl says: thank you. i greatly enjoyed the food served here.

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