Dining at Cameron Highlands Resort

As part of the company’s Study Tour, we put up at Cameron Highlands Resort for a night to get some ideas on the character of Colonial interior design. Our bosses were indeed generous to include tea & breakfast in our stay there so that we could, as they say, dine in luxury. There are 2 restaurants there; the Dining Room and Gonbei, which serves Japanese Cuisine. A tea room and bar complete the dining choices available at the resort. Of the four, we had our tea at the Jim Thompson Tea Room and breakfast the following day at the Dining Room.

The cost of tea for one is RM55++ but a tea platter is enough to share between 2. What you see in the photos below is 2 sets, for 4 to share though. It includes a variety of tea, to which I ordered the BOH Bukit Cheeding 53 tea, despite it being a breakfast tea as it was classified as a Orange Pekoe tea, where only leaf buds are used.


We started off with fresh strawberries, which is easily obtainable in Cameron Highlands. 3 accompanying dips are given, with chocolate sauce and fresh cream being the clear favourites. Another dip has the consistency of honey with condensed milk, but tasted caramelly. Tart yet sweet at the same time, it was refreshing to start with this.

Tea Platter

A tea platter had some fried snacks, sandwiches and scones. The fried stuff consisted of wontons, spring rolls and slices of quiche lorraine. yeah, i know the quiche isn’t deep fried, but it was placed on the same plate :p Of all these, I loved the wontons most of all. It was nicely flavoured and had bits of vermicelli in it, which was a pleasant surprise. The spring rolls were just so-so. Lucky for the chilli dip. Lol.

There were 3 sandwich fillings – tuna, egg & watercress and finally, chicken. Not sure why they didn’t use the traditional white bread, but the bun they used tasted buttery and was soft to bite.The scones were served with clotted cream and strawberry jam. Wasn’t expecting the scones to taste salty as we normally have sweetish ones with raisins. I expect tonnes of butter were used. Its only redeeming quality was that it was warm.

Overall, there’s consistency in the quality of the tea platter served even if it wasn’t entirely suited to our tastebuds. However service was inefficient and lacking and the staff messed up our orders and we were left waiting for rather long. Even the next table’s couple got their food quicker than us despite arriving after we did.


Breakfast was served at the Dining Room the next day. In the same tradition as the tea room, they had a standard menu for one to choose from. But everyone started with the same food – bread of your choice from their bread basket, fresh fruit, fruit juice and coffee or tea. I opted for a croissant and watermelon (from the choices of watermelon, honeydew, pineapple, papaya & guava) and watermelon juice (or orange).

You could choose any egg of your choice to be served with beef bacon, chicken sausage, hash browns, grilled tomato and baked beans. Whilst my colleagues opted for the sunny side up, half boiled egg & omelet, I decided to order them poached. Just wanted something different.

Poached Eggs

The eggs were great, and the hash browns too. Of course you can never go wrong with grilled tomato and baked beans. But the beef bacon was too dry for words. I guess they were trying to go for crisp bacon strips but it was tough to chew instead. The omelette was quite good, with a lot of ingredients.

Apart from this, there are waffles, pancakes, curry crepes, fried noodles of the day etc too. One can order a few types provided you can finish the food as the breakfast was going at RM50 per pax for all you can eat. Rather good deal in comparison to the tea platter. Between the few of us, we shared the fried noodles (which was actually beehoon) and curry crepes. Both were not bad, though a bit heavy on the salt.

Once again, service was lacking. I suspect it’s due to a shortage of staff as the people serving us were always the same even if we dined in different restaurants. Quite disappointing really, considering the luxurious standard the resort prized themselves upon.


  1. citygal said

    Its quite a good deal for the tea set. Is the scones good?

    epicuriousgirl says: they are warm and fluffy, but salty. so if you like your scones salty, it’ll be yummilicious. but i prefer them sweetish.

  2. neko1712 said

    that is really a very pretty strawberry picture!

    epicuriousgirl says: thanks for your comment and for visiting.

  3. wmw said

    Lovely strawberries! Lovely pic! Makes me wanna take a trip to Cameron soon…

    epicuriousgirl says: thanks 🙂

  4. Timothy said

    Yeah .. I love them strawberry pics. So tempting ! Cameron Highland … here I come .. !

    epicuriousgirl says: thanks timothy. love your food pictures too. 🙂

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