Restoran Tringkap


During our recent trip to Cameron Highlands, we stumbled upon a gem there. Once again, we were reminded not to be deceived by appearances. Somewhat hidden (look out for the signboard), the unpretentious and small Restoran Tringkap was empty when we arrived for early dinner. However, as we were ordering, the owner informed us that certain dishes we wanted couldn’t be prepared as the kitchens were too busy preparing some signature dishes for a big reservation. True enough, 15 minutes later, a huge group (filling up to 5 tables) arrived and other families started filling in. Apparently, this place is very popular with the locals.


We ordered the deep fried oyster mushrooms and I loved the batter. It had a certain crumbly yet crispy factor to it.


Next up was stir-fried watercress (西洋菜). We re-discovered our love for watercress in Cameron after seeing it in its abundance there. Bought quite a bit of it an organic shop there as we’ve heard that the ones selling in KL has had loads of pesticide sprayed on to it to prolong the shelf-life.


For the kids, we ordered Supreme Ribs (排骨王). The sauce was tangy and mouthwatering. Sorry about the blur photo… had to snap it quick as everyone wanted to tuck in already.


The highlight of our dinner was the Steamed Keli (蒸生鱼). The fish was utterly delightful as it was so fresh and the texture of the flesh was so smooth and firm. And to think that we nearly didn’t get to have this! The signature fish dish of this restaurant is actually Black Pepper Tilapia where the fish is filleted and deep fried and served with tangy salad on the side. But the owner recommended the steamed fish as she said it was not often they get to have such fresh freshwater keli fish and we could have the signature fish dish anytime. And we’re so glad we listened to her. 🙂


Our last dish was a crispy, salty prawn dish (to which I can’t recall the name, my bad.). The prawns were quickly deep fried and stir-fried on high heat with ingredients such as sliced chilli, salt etc to give it the crispy, aromatic taste.

Everything we had at Restoran Tringkap was definitely above average. And the restaurant was packed by the time we left, a sure sign of its popularity with the locals. And we’re definitely returning to this eatery when we’re in Cameron next, and I can’t wait to try some of the more popular dishes I see our neighboring tables ordering such as the signature fish dish, the Kampung chicken (菜园鸡) and this pork trotter dish (焖猪手).

Restoran Tringkap 直能甲海鲜饭店
39100 Cameron Highlands,



  1. Christy said

    Wow…your pics were nice…and thanks for recommending this place!
    I will know where to go with my family/friends on my next trip to Cameron Highlands!;)

    epicuriousgirl says: thanks for visiting. Hope you manage to find the place to enjoy their excellent food.

  2. tankiasu said

    Did you all get overcharged for being out-of-towners?

    epicuriousgirl says: I’m not too sure but I thought what we had was reasonable.

  3. flsam said

    Just nice. I am going to Cameron Highlands next week friday, I gonna try this restaurant. the last time, i went up there, I asked the local, they also dun know where got good restaurant. And the seafood restaurants there are not really nice and pricey. 🙂

    epicuriousgirl says: Hope you enjoy the food as much as i did.

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