Herby Lunch

My first free Sunday in a month! Along with cleaning the house, decided to clear my fridge too. Some local brinjals, a chunk of Dory fish fillet, a lemon and some pesto sauce later, I managed to whip up lunch.


Sliced the brinjals, and lined them up on aluminium foil, before adding some olive oil, dried oregano, diced garlic, squeeze of lemon, salt & freshly ground pepper. Then left them in the oven toasted for about 5 mins.


Whilst the brinjals were being cooked, boiled some spaghetti till they were al dente. At the same time, I was heating up some pesto in water and lemon juice in a saucepan for under a minute. Once the spaghetti was done, tossed them with some olive oil before adding them to the pesto sauce and mixing well. The fish was seasoned lightly with the same ingredients as the brinjals and placed in the oven toaster for 8 minutes to get a slightly crispy edge yet not overcooked. Served it atop the tossed spaghetti before pouring the leftover pesto sauce over it.

Simple lunch perhaps, but tasted great! I loved how the brinjals turned out. Soft and flavourful. And the lemon tinged pesto sauce was excellent for complimenting the fish. So thus begins my “love” for basil. Lol.



  1. interesting lunch..u made ur own pesto sauce??

    epicuriousgirl says: haha, i wish. but nope, goodness from a packet 😛

  2. jason said

    Very nice photo 🙂

    epicuriousgirl says:thank you.

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