Park Hotel Chinese Restaurant

I have been seriously slow in coming up with posts lately. being away three weekends in a row has a way of doing that. not to mention deadlines and work trainings that eat up much of the day. but i’m getting my rhythm back and here’s my grandmother’s birthday dinner review.


my grandmother requested to have dinner at the chinese restaurant in one of the oldest hotels in Miri, Park Hotel. It’s one of the more established chinese restaurants in Miri and has a steady and loyal following. As it’s an important birthday celebration for my grandmother, all of the family (except for two cousins studying abroad) returned for the weekend. That means sitting at different tables for the adults and children, and different menus. I ended up at the children’s table despite being the eldest grandchild as there was just no more space at the main table.


We started off with the roast chicken, served with the crackers, a sure favourite with the kids. as you can see, everyone made a grab for the crackers! lol.


next up was fried noodles, with a wet gravy and served with a deep fried hard boiled egg. at first glance, thought the eggs were some humongous fishballs. i didn’t really like this, nor did the kids judging by the unfinished bowls.


the must have in a chinese dinner – shark fin soup. we asked for the imitation version, with lots of crab meat. i don’t think the taste was compromised, and sure helps our conscience a little. lol.


This is “Pai Guat Wong” – King Ribs or Supreme Ribs? It has a tangy, sweet sauce and was quite meaty. Bit tough though.


The kids in our family love prawns, so butter prawns are normally on the menu. We opted for the creamy version one and I do think that this is the best dish on our table that night. With slivers of curry leaves that added to the flavour of the juicy prawns, we polished them off quickly.


This was from the main table, abalone slices with sea cucumber and broccoli.


This was also from the main table, stir-fried midin, an edible jungle fern that’s native to Sarawak. One of my favourites so they made sure to take some of me. Yum. Delicious, even if a little more oily than i would have preferred.


The fruit platter and chinese pancake were complimentary. Instead of a cake cake, we ordered Chinese birthday buns (寿包) with the small ones for every of her grandchildren. Very little filling and lots of dough, but it’s the symbolism that matters.

Even though the restaurant here has maintained its standards, I do believe that new restaurants (such as this one) has more to offer. But it’ll still hold a special place in most Mirians’ hearts.

Park Hotel,
Jalan Raja,
98000 Miri,


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  1. the fried eggs does look kinda intriguing..

    epicuriousgirl says: intriguing? not difficult to make, you know. 😛

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