Li Gong, Empire Brunei.

was in brunei over the weekend attending a close friend’s wedding. it was like a non-stop kenduri (feast), with catered food being replenished all the time. it was only on my last night in town that the family could eat out with the newlyweds & me. as the newlyweds decided to “honeymoon” at empire hotel, it was natural that we ate there. plus the bride has always raved about the roast duck at the chinese restaurant here.


empire hotel is huge and li gong, the chinese restaurant is a separate pavilion situated on a landscaped moat of sorts. chinese lanterns light up the connecting walkway. the interior deco is stereotypically donned with lots of red and bamboo items. silver cutlery, a dragon chopstick rest, and a single white plate lies on a grey solid surface table mat in front of each & every one of us. on the lazy susan, a small pot of lucky bamboo is the centrepiece.



shortly after we were seated, we asked for the roast duck which we pre-ordered to be served. the roast duck was indeed yummy, with crispy skin and tender, juicy meat. i especially enjoyed dipping it into the plum sauce (given upon request).


apart from the duck, we ordered some other dishes together with a fried rice. the yang chow fried rice with chicken was undersalted in my opinion, but was remedied with a little gravy from the next dish, a ma po tofu with seafood in claypot. the ma po tofu was unlike any other type i have tasted. it wasn’t spicy to begin with, but tasted somewhat sweetish. chinese preserved spicy vegetable (辣菜) was also added in but contributed little taste wise. the only “seafood” i saw were some diced prawns and fish.

the bride’s brother ordered his father’s favourite prawn dish from li gong, a creamy & buttery prawn that is deep fried and coated with a mayonnaise mix (with pounded curry leaves & green chilies) with almond flakes. it was a little more spicy than i expected but the taste was quite memorable. the almond flakes was a fine accompaniment.

the service is a little slower than most chinese restaurants i have been to but the waiting staff are rather pleasant. i do think that the price of the food is a little on the high side, but i have to take account that the hotel is of a 5 (or 6?) star rating. rather popular with the expats too. judging from that, i would guess this is one of the best chinese restaurants in brunei. 🙂

Li Gong 丽宫
The Empire Hotel and Country Club
Jerudong BG3122,
Negara Brunei Darussalam



  1. The prawn dish sounds very nice – anything with almonds and prawns always works for me. Sounded like a great party for the whole weekend.

    epicuriousgirl says: yup, it was very good. enjoyed the weekend though i wished i had a bit more sleep. lol.

  2. tankiasu said

    Ooohhh…I’m going to Brunei in December for my friends’ wedding as well. Must ask tips from you then. 😉

    epicuriousgirl says: tips? hope i have some to give you. 🙂

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