Seo Gung Korean Restaurant, SS2

a last minute meeting with a client sprung up and we met up at this korean restaurant i’ve seen around in SS2. it’s on the 1st floor, but has a glass facade that attracts attention. however the stairways are easy to miss, so keep a look out! my boss did most of the ordering and she wanted none of the korean bbq stuff.


the various banchan. twelve types altogether! my favourites were the crispy dried seaweed with sesame and potatoes simmered in a soy sauce marinate.


the dolsot bibimbap (RM20) made its appearance of course. served in a hot stone bowl, the rice was mixed well with the gochujang and other accompanying vegetables. loved the crisp bits of the rice that was due to the contact with the hot stone bowl. plus we were all famished, and tucked in with gusto.
instead of the usual ginseng chicken soup, we ordered galbi tang (RM18) which is a clear beef soup, cooked with short ribs, dates, chestnuts, korean vermicelli (made from potato starch). egg omelette strips and enoki mushrooms. despite the clear looks of the soup, it tasted very hearty and “sweet”. afterall, it’s pure beef broth. instantly warms your tummy up!

instead of the usual seafood/spring onion pancakes that we order, we decided to try the kimchi jeon (RM25) this time round, where the light batter is mixed with kimchi before being pan-fried. the reddish look is deceiving to the taste. the kimchi adds quite a lot of zing to the usual flour pancake. yum.

i have high expectations for the final dish – bulgogi ddukbaeg (RM20) as it’s one of my favourites and i have ordered this in almost every korean restaurant i have been to without fail. the thinly sliced beef, is marinated and cooked with onions, mushrooms, julienned vegetables etc. before being served in a hot stone bowl. must admit i was disappointed as the taste fell flat and the gravy was too diluted. didn’t like this one bit.

at the end of the dinner, we were served sikhye, a chilled sweet rice dessert and watermelon slices to cleanse our palate. Apparently the rice drink is to help digestion. But i like it simply because it tastes like barley.

the menu is extensive here but service is somewhat indifferent even if polite. if you’re worried about parking, the restaurant offers a RM2 parking rebate when you park at the nearby paid parking lot (not MBPJ’s bays).

Seo Gung Korean Restaurant 西宫
No. 21M & 23M, SS2/67,
47300, Petaling Jaya,

Tel : 03-7875 8868

other reviews:
you get what you give sometimes…



  1. citygal said

    love the korean pancake during my time in fact we can buy the pancake premix and get it done ourselves easily.

    epicuriousgirl says: ah must save save save to visit Seoul so that I can eat authentic korean food too.

  2. wmw said

    I only end up ordering the Bulgogi each time I go to a Korean restaurant….that and Kimchi Chigae. Must learn to be more adventurous! 🙂 Oh, FYI, the Korean restaurant in Amcorp Mall has open another branch in Jaya Supermarket, Sec 14. I’m gonna check it out.

    epicuriousgirl says:haha, the kimchi soup is also another favourite of mine. thanks for letting know about haeun khon opening at Jaya.

  3. Ah yes, the Jaya supermarket place. More space to move around as the Amcorp one is so cramped. I also stick to bulgogi most of time – very unadventurous of me.

    epicuriousgirl says: looks like we’re all equally unadventurous as we all love our bulgogi. but it’s so good! 🙂

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