Note: This place is no longer in operation.

so what does authentic mexican food taste like? sandias is the place to discover the answer. we were early for dinner, and had the whole restaurant to ourselves. the ambience was cosy and i enjoyed the music that was playing.


the name “sandias” means watermelon in spanish. apart from the signage that had a watermelon illustration, i didn’t see any other watermelon illustrations from where i was sitting. but enjoyed flipping through some of the recipe books that was placed near the entrance.


to start, we had the Quesadillas Tricolor, which was handmade corn masa tortillas, fried and filled with sauteed mushrooms, cheese and potatoes and accompanied by salsa roja. they looked like curry puffs! mexican curry puffs. lol. we both enjoyed the cheese filling more. though i thought it was a little overdone, as the colour of the tortillas were rather brown.


i chose to have the Barbacoa de Cordero. The cutlets of lamb was marinated in Sandias’s secret sauce and charbroiled after being wrapped in foil. It was then served with corn tortillas and a trio of mexican salsas. the lamb was tender and flavourful and easy to tear. with some lamb shreds, a bit of salsa medley on my corn tortillas, i had everything wrapped and ready to pop into my mouth. i would say it was good, and rather different from what i was used to.

my friend has the Mole con Pavo which is basically turkey braised in a traditional red almond mole made from plantains, chilli seeds, cocoa beans and over one hundred traditional ingredients and served with rice and some sauteed vegetables. those familiar with the origins of mexican food would be no stranger to this dish as there’s quite a story behind the origins. word has it that a nun was given very short notice to prepare a special dish for visiting dignitaries and she had to make to with whatever ingredients she had. as the word “mole” for mexican sauce already means mixture, there’s no doubt that many ingredients are mixed together to come up with the unique sauce. the regulars are the chilli peppers, herbs, nuts, spices, fruit, vegetables etc. and with whatever the sister had, she added chocolate, although small in quantity, gave the sauce a mellow, and discernable taste .

if you’re expecting to taste chocolate in the mole, that’ll not be the case. i wouldn’t have guessed that chocolate was in it just by tasting the mole without reading the description. with the addition of “over one hundred traditional ingredients”, it would be safe to say that this is one complicated sauce! the turkey was rather dry, in our opinion, but went well with the mole.

it’s interesting dining at sandias, as i never knew how rich mexican food was in taste and ingredients. sure gets some getting used to. service is great, very friendly staff & owner.

44 Plaza Damansara
Jalan Medan Setia 2
Bukit Damansara
50490 Kuala Lumpur

Closed Mondays. Open 5:30p.m onwards on other days.

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  1. Yup, food is good here but sadly they had so much problems when hosting the klue event esp with the crowd of people.

    epicuriousgirl says: it was pretty quiet the day I went. Sat nite some more. I guess they’re not used to having crowds, hence the problems. Pity really.

  2. cottondoll said

    Went there last wednesday for dinner. The place was empty. Had the Barbacoa de Cordero as well…but after reading your post realised they didn’t give me the chips. My companion had the Mole con Pavo which was overcooked. The turkey tasted like rubber! Starters were ok..nothing to shout about. Was quite disappointed with the food.

    epicuriousgirl: they served me the corn tortillas later as well. i guess mexican food is an acquired taste for some.

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