Restoran Pomander

Note: This place is now called Ooi Noodles.

This air-conditioned corner lot coffeeshop of sorts has been around for quite some time and recently changed hands. and a few hawker stalls have sprung up together with the new management. my aunt later commented that the pork noodles from “Kwai Lum” (also a corner lot in Subang that has been refurbished into a hotel) has moved in here. she then proceeded to tell us how polite the hawker has become. he was previously rather haughty and arrogant at the previous location as noted by many others. Piqued by that, I decided to check it out during the weekend.


The pork noodles seller is indeed the one from “Kwai Lum” and unlike at their previous location, waiting time is less than previously (> 30 mins), averaging less than 15 mins now. still as tasty as before and if he keeps up with his pleasant attitude, i’ll definitely going back for more.


the item that surprised me most of all was most probably the Hakka noodles (客家大埔面). At RM4 a bowl, it is quite a generous portion and topped with leafy vegetable, char siew, minced pork, fish cake and roast pork. the toppings don’t taste spectacular but i loved the texture and taste of the noodles. very similar to the sarawakian kolok noodles (dry tossed noodles) that i know and love. now i know where i’ll be going when i need my noodle fix.

the place also has chee cheong fun, economy rice, scissors rice and macau pork buns etc. quite a bit of to try. best thing? hawkerfare in the air-cond during my lunch hour.

Restoran Pomander 香厨餐厅
78, Jalan SS15/4B,
46500 Subang Jaya,



  1. I heard they moved from the USJ forum. Hey, u bought the Ikea plate? I was eyeing that the day too. Looked so good with that side motif.

    epicuriousgirl says:wow, your eyes are sharp! the ikea plate was given to me by a colleague who had ikea reward vouchers. love it too.

  2. Hi there! Interesting site you have. I like your food posting abroad, makes me drool especially Halong Bay. And Bobby Chinn .. been wanting. 🙂

    epicuriousgirl says: thanks! yep, it’s always lovely trying food overseas. 🙂

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