Prego, The Westin.

it has been quite a busy week … but it sure ended on quite a nice note when we had italian food at prego, the westin. we were shown to a seat by the window which gave us much to see. however, the lighting was dim and that we didn’t get to truly enjoy the food presentation. furthermore, the dark earth tones of the interior had already muted the ambience. but i suppose that helps draw the attention to the open kitchen, which we couldn’t see from our seats. pity.

the view from where I was seated.

complimentary loaf & pizza slice.

the complimentary loaf was served with homemade tomato dip. still warm, the crust was crisp, yet the insides wonderfully soft. Just as we were finishing up with this, a waitress popped by and offered us a slice of Napoletana (tomato sauce, basil & oregano) pizza. it was a little cold hence i only had half of it. i suppose it would be heavenly if it was still hot, as I love the thin crust.

Capasante Al Forno

To start, we ordered the oven-baked scallops, with an almond crust which was served on the half shell on a bed of sea salt and some side salad. the almond crust was nice, but didn’t seem to add much to the scallop, apart from a nice bite. the scallop retained much of its original taste.

Rack of Lamb

My friend chose the rack of lamb which was served with sauteed potato and onion slices and some snow peas & thyme. it was sublime! the charring creates a wonderfully rich taste, which brings meaning to the term ” little grill, big taste”.

Petto d’anatra allo Spiedo, Polenta, Porri Brasati, Salsa Naturale

my choice was the roasted duck breast with garlic polenta and braised shallots, drizzled with natural jus. the garlic polenta was creamy but a bit bland. it’s one of the corn products that i rarely eat, even though i love most forms of sweetcorn as I don’t really take to its bland flavour. but it was a refreshing change to the usual mash. the duck itself was simply delicious. the thin layer of fat on the duck is not off-putting but adds to the flavour and juiciness of the meat. the texture is tender and the meat, succulent. even though the menu said natural jus, i thought i tasted a hint of red wine, due to the sweetness of the duck stock. or perhaps, it was brown sugar? still, i really enjoyed this mains.

Semi Fredo al Tre Cioccolati

to end our excellent meal, we had a trio of chocolate semi freddo in white, dark and milk to share. i needed some caffeine as i was feeling the effects of the week so i decided to have some latte which was served with a nougat. the semi fredo, meaning “half frozen” is a close relative to the ice-cream. but the mix is not churned as it cools, which retains the soft & airy texture. satisfied my chocolate craving and the latte was perfect in accompanying this dessert.

foodwise, prego is definitely above average. service was good too, and they definitely had a sense of humour. one of them even joked that dessert was sold out when we asked for the dessert menu just to catch our reaction. lol. it needs a little work on the ambience though. music is a little loud and we found ourselves having to talk very loudly to get heard, which explains the din of conversations all around. still, the company was excellent and i had a good time indeed. thank you dewi! it’s always such a pleasure discovering new places to eat with you.

The Westin Kuala Lumpur
199, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur,

Tel No: 03-2773 8496

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  1. That rack of lamb looks great and so’s the duck. I have a fondness for polenta though as it reminds me of baby food.

    epicuriousgirl says: ah, polenta’s ok once in a while. 😛 just a bit bland for my liking. maybe it’s coz i am not too good in preparing it.

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