my aunt constantly surprises me with great food recommendations and this place is one of them. it’s situated at the shoplots near Faber Tower in Taman Desa, an area we frequent quite often for work. the mint rice came highly recommended by the owner and also my aunt. and for drinks, i fell in love with the orange lassi. the greatest thing about it was that it was not cloyingly sweet. just a subtle orangey taste.

Mint Rice

the mint rice was served covered with a metal plate together with three vegetables – deep fried bittergourd, gourd dhal and leafy vegetable.

Mint Rice Unveiled

After the mint rice was unveiled, the waiters placed papaddums on the metal plate to cover the rice and we could happily tuck in. The mint rice was really tasty and bits of onions can be found in it.

Fish Cutlet

Of course we had some other accompanying dishes with the mint rice. There was chicken tikka and sambal petai and fish cutlets. the fish cutlets were basically minced fish with various spices and it was really delectable. actually all three dishes were very good. bit salty for me, but easily washed down with my lassi. heh.


also had a portion deep fried fish came with a spicy chilli sambal belacan.

Sardine Thosai

my newest discovery was this – sardine thosai. i have always ordered plain/paper thosai without any inkling that you could add fillings to it. and boy was it good! from now on, i am going to go on the road of discovery in thosai fillings. lol.

SriNeelas is highly recommended for those who are in search of authentic indian food. feel free to ask the friendly owner or waiters for recommendations and be prepared to be pleasantly surprised. 🙂

SriNeelas Curry House
No.51, Jalan Desa Jaya,
Taman Desa 58100 KL
Tel: 03-7983 0995


  1. Mint rice sounds good and unusual.

  2. tankiasu said

    I used to hang out here almost every Sat nite to watch football and of coz eat good food. But stopped going there since late last year when they increased their price twice indiscriminately. Grrr…

    And there was once when I found a dead cockroach in my Teh Ais. I pointed it out to the lady owner immediately. She took it away and came back with a “new” glass of Teh Ais, but without apologizing or offer any freebie or discount. I was like @#$%^&*.

    epicuriousgirl says:ooh. sounds like quite a icky episode. but the hygiene looks okay the day we visited. maybe they have spruced up? saw that they have extended too.

  3. Gravin said

    Tankiasu :
    You mean if they gave you a freebie or discount for the mishap, you would probably make a less fuss about it ?

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