Kokopelli Traveller’s Bistro

edited: Kokopelli has since moved to 4, Section 14/46, Petaling Jaya, Selangor (opposite Jaya 32 Square)

if you too wondered about the unique name, kokopelli is actually a fertility deity. that image that depicts this deity is liberally used in the bistro, and dots the outside courtyard floor leading to the entrance. a newspaper write up states that the owner, Ariff Awaluddin (a local artist) liked the sound of the name to begin with and when he read up on it, decided it was the best name to use for his business. the bistro was actually introduced to us by the owner’s wife, a photographer we have worked with. the bistro has a very inviting touch to it, with the glass facade that brings in light. White tablecloths and green runners gives the room a very airy and fresh feel. Photographs by the wife and paintings from the owner himself furnishes the walls. Small touches such as tealight candles, gorgeous tiny lampshades, glass beads and fresh daisies completed the decor.


I joined my aunt & cousin a little late and by then they had already tucked into the dishes they ordered – “Braised Lamb Shank” and “Kokopelli Char Kway Teow”. In fact, they were already almost done! But I managed to try bits of the lamb shank which was wonderfully tender and creamy (from the mashed potatoes).


They further ordered the “Seafood Aglio Olio” to share between ourselves and the “Sirloin Steak” for me. The Aglio Olio was linguine served with steamed prawns, mussels and squid and bell peppers. Grated parmesan, cilantro leaves topped the al dente linguine heap. it was quite good, but nothing outstanding.

I asked for the sirloin to be done medium rare and served with mushroom sauce. It was served with the sauce on the side, with a bun, baked potato, sweetcorn segment, grilled aubergine & bell pepper and boiled broccoli & cauliflower. the steak itself was a bit more rare than I hoped for, but it still tasted smokey and a little charred which added to the flavour of the meat. Enjoyed the baked potato with sour cream and beef bacon bits immensely, as I did the grilled aubergine. The boiled vegetables could have done with a little more salt and seasoning as it was bland, and… cold. But at least the bun was warm! Lol.


Despite all that my aunt and cousin had, they still had space for dessert so we ordered the “Royal Pistachio” to share. Not too spectacular in my opinion. But I reckon they had this supplied from somewhere else so I guess one can’t expect too much.

Overall, lovely, cosy & welcoming ambience with friendly staff will definitely warrant a second visit. Food’s decent for the prices offered and they serve a mean virgin pina colada! my only gripe is the opening hours. hope i don’t end up going when it’s closed! lol.

Kokopelli Traveller’s Bistro
6, Jalan Bukit,
Section 11/2,
Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 03-7956 7505

Open : Tuesday to Thursday and Saturday – noon to 3pm, 6pm to midnight.
Friday – 6pm to midnight.
Sunday – 10am to 3pm.

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  1. That was quick. It sounds like a good place. Was it packed with people?

    epicuriousgirl says: it was relatively empty when we arrived (prob. due to the rain) but by the time we left, it was 75% full.

  2. The place is rather pretty, isn’t it? It feels so welcoming seeing the lights in the distance, even if it’s located in a housing area!

  3. tankiasu said

    Did you try their Char Kuey Teow?

    epicuriousgirl says: nope. cousin polished off the entire plate by the time i arrived. she declared it very delicious though!

  4. wmw said

    Yes, I like the little touches to the decor here too….

    epicuriousgirl says:yeah, it makes all the difference huh?

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  6. nisyahzaman said

    it’s a very nice n great bistro……. the decor is very unique!!!!!!

    epicuriousgirl says: yes, very cosy decor.

  7. nisyahzaman said

    i’m dying to go there again…urm!!yummy!!!!

    epicuriousgirl says:i hope i do too. 😉

  8. nisyah zaman said

    kokopelli had moved to seksyen 14 now..
    this is the new address..
    no 4 jalan 14/46, seksyen 14 pj…

  9. EYCL said

    Went there for dinner. Waiter messed up the orders and had to wait for more than an hour for the meal!! Worst part the boss didnt even offer an apology and rude. Scolded us instead for not being fair to his ‘Form 5′ waiters!!! WTF??!! He just picked up the meal that was late and brought it back to the kitchen.. My poor friend not only had to wait for her meal but ended up going home hungry!! P/S food was not great as well and gravy all tasted the same no matter what u ordered

  10. Eb said

    They charge for plates and naplins if you bring a cake and ask to cut n eat it there. That’s after eating n drinking there. Doesnt say much for customer service

  11. food lover said

    Food 8/10
    Service 4/10
    The food was great but the services was quite bad and unpleasant. I find the waitress who served us is rude which answered us impolitely when we gave comments about the food. Please improve your service.

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