Meng Kee Steam Soup

Knowing that I am a big fan of soups, my friend decided to bring me to this stall in Paramount Garden that sells quite a variety of “Steamed Soups”. I have been here about 2 years ago and am glad to see that the crowd is still as busy as ever. They have improved since my last visit and have come up with a menu for our convenience. The soups are separated into 2 types – Vegetable (such as the common white radish, old cucumber, lotus roots etc) and herbal soups (such as herbal chicken, chinese ginseng, sea horse etc).


However as we were quite late for dinner (about 9-ish), the only soups available at that hour was the Maize with Chicken Soup (粟米鸡汤). Hot and rich in flavour. Carrots were added in for that extra “sweetness”. I even polished off the sweetcorn as it was cooked till it was very soft. Quite a big portion and it’s possible to share between 2 people. But I had no problems finishing this up as I love the corn flavoured soup.


We wanted to order 3 Yolks Steamed Eggs and Tofu initially but both were sold out. So we ended up with Curry Pork Ribs (咖喱排骨) and Potato Chicken (马铃薯鸡). The pork ribs were not that impressive as I believed it was pre-cooked and kept warm in the steamer. So it was watered-down in some bits. I quite like the chicken as it had imbibed the flavour of the potato. I noticed that the chicken was quite a popular choice with the other patrons.

They also offer fish and leafy vegetables amongst other things. To get the soup of your choice, it’s best to be early as they get sold out pretty quickly.

Gerai Meng Kee Steam Soup 洺记炖汤
Stall No.9, Jalan 20/16,
Paramount Garden,
Petaling Jaya.

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  1. I had their wine chicken before but didn’t think much of it. Prefer their soups which are good.

    epicuriousgirl says: i prefer the soups too.

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