Restoran Hock Hin

On days when we drop my cousin off at her primary school in SS19, we’ll take the opportunity to have breakfast at one of the nearby coffeeshops. Our favourite is perhaps Restoran Hock Hin which is your typical hawkerfare eatery. However, the main draw here is the woman selling nasi lemak and other breakfast fare such as fried noodles/vermicelli (经济粉), yam cake (芋头糕) and radish cake (罗卜糕). Quite a queue waits patiently for their turn to be served and I soon joined them, curiosity piqued.

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it was bout 20 mins before it was finally my turn. noticed that the 3 people in front of me bought at least 8-10 packets each! but one thing that surprised me was the variety of nasi lemak dishes she offered. apart from the usual kerang, sotong, chicken dishes, there was luncheon meat, sambal petai, wild boar curry etc. too! Hence we chose the final trio which we rarely get in other places. Since we have ordered other food, we decided to get one one plate to share amongst the three of us. the rice was hot & fluffy and we relished every bit of the rice & accompanying dishes. it tasted very homecooked, which was a plus point for us. we were also tickled to get to have luncheon meat and wild boar curry with our national breakfast dish for the first time. lol.

also ordered a portion of both the yam & radish cakes to try. drizzled with sweet sauce and served with a dollop of sambal, it was rather tasty despite being a little cold. they sure didn’t skint on the yam cubes as it tasted rather similar to homemade yam cake my grandmother makes. I definitely liked the radish cake’s texture and taste.


The main dish I came for was the pork noodles (猪肉粉). Served with meatballs, minced meat, pork slices and pig liver, and piping hot soup. the soup was good, clear and flavourful. i suspect they add a little bit of chinese cooking wine in it which I’ll gladly give another thumbs up for.

This coffeeshop also serves rather good curry noodles amongst other hawkerfare such as roasted meats rice, porridge, fish head noodles, seafood noodles etc.

Restoran Hock Hin 福兴茶餐室
SS19, Subang Jaya
(near Lick Hung Primary School, will have to add the address a bit later)

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  1. Not easy to get wild boar rendang – only other place I know of is in Taman Desa.

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