Kafe Bawang Merah

Kafe Bawang Merah is my neighborhood fix for authentic homecooked Indonesian/Malay cuisine. Regardless of lunch, tea or dinner time, it’s always packed. Love the set up of the place, with the cosy and inviting ambience. A little cramped perhaps but once you’re seated and fully enjoying your food… all other issues fly out the window! they don’t really serve ala carte food but have this nasi campur concept. they also have some “specials of the day” which is mostly stuff like nasi ayam, lontong sayur, soto ayam etc.

During a recent lunch with my aunt and family, we picked out a few different dishes to accompany our rice. Amongst which we had;

Pucuk Manis & Ayam Goreng with Tempeh Goreng

The Pucuk Manis is the dark green leaves of this leafy vegetable Cangkuk Manis and cooked in a lemak gravy. The leaf itself tastes slighly sweetish. The Fried Chicken was marinated with turmeric and some other who-knows-what, my cousin practically licked the bones clean. Seeing her with the chicken drumstick, could only imagine how great it tasted. I didn’t have any of the tempeh because I’m not too keen on the taste. Quite the acquired taste for me.

terung sambal, kurma daging

The terung sambal is boiled/steamed aubergines topped with this chilli paste. definitely one of my favourite vegetables and I love it no matter how it’s cooked. The beef kurma was piled with potatoes and very creamy. As it’s a mild curry, it was neither spicy nor overpowering. Instead the taste was subtle and delicious!

keli cili & tempoyak, lontong sayur

Also had the keli fish which was deep fried and coated with pounded green chillies. The result? A spicy but aromatic fishy dish. Another old favourite. And last but not least, my favourite condiment – sambal tempoyak! have always loved tempoyak which is fermented durian. cooked with chilli and other ingredients, it can be truly your rice’s best friend. very fragrant indeed. love, love it. Another thing I love from Bawang Merah is their lontong which is nasi impit (boiled compressed rice cubes) drowned in sayur lodeh, a rich, coconut milk-based gravy with vegetables ( cabbage, carrots, long beans), vermicelli, egg and tempeh.

With the homecooked taste element, it’s no wonder it continues to be packed with customers everyday. we just can’t help returning again and again.

Kafe Bawang Merah
12A, Jalan SS12/1B ,
47500 Subang Jaya
Opening Hours: Daily (9am-10pm)
Tel 03-5621 6100


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  1. Tempoyak – yum! My fav stuff. I had it with prawns last weekend and it was so good and creamy.

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