Purple Storm

Aubergines with Basil

Ever since I spotted this in the cookbook my aunt bought me recently, I have been salivating after it. My grandmother used to cook this when I was a young girl. She planted quite a bit of herbs in our garden and would quickly pick some basil leaves when I asked for this. Ended up visiting a night market to pick up the ingredients to whip up this dish.

Stir-fried Aubergines with Basil 茄子炒九层塔

600g aubergines/brinjals/terung
20g dried shrimps
1 tbsp minced garlic
50ml water
20g basil
salt to taste
1 tsp sesame oil

Chop up aubergines into bite-sized pieces and soak in salt water for approx. 10 mins (to retain lustre of skin). Then, stir-fry brinjals in heated wok with oil briefly. Remove to drain.
Heat up more cooking oil, fry minced garlic till fragrant before adding dried shrimps. Fry further before adding aubergines, and water. Drizzle in the sesame oil after adding the salt. When the aubergines are almost done, mix in basils and fry briefly before dishing up to serve.



  1. That looks so good. I’m a great fan of brinjals – I love the slightly purple basil leaves u added.

  2. Su-Lin said

    This looks delicious! Definitely on my list of must-tries later on!

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