the HP weekend

in preparation to being holed up at home over the weekend, poring over the 7th Harry Potter book, i happily bought some chicken carcasses and dried oysters to make porridge so that I need not worry about food whilst I remained engrossed in my book. But things do not always go according to plan, huh? Ended up having to work after picking up my book on Saturday morning.

Speaking of which, was a little amazed at the queue that greeted me at Carrefour SJ as I was driving past. I pre-booked (and pre-paid) mine from MPH some time back and didn’t know of the difference in price until seeing it in the newspaper later. That explains the queue and why MPH wasn’t selling the book. A father and his daughter was hoping to get their hands on a copy in MPH when I was picking up mine and were informed that they were only serving pre-bookings. I could see that the father was getting a little desperate. He was even prepared to drive to Puchong to get it from Tesco as informed by another parent. I thought I could at least do him the favour of telling him that Carrefour next door was selling it and that he had to be prepared to wait. I suppose he was also grateful that he was saving RM40 in the process. I comforted myself that it was only a RM30 difference (with the RM10 discount voucher) but, sigh, still can’t believe I paid almost 30% more!


Anyway I finally started on the book late Saturday evening and continued to finish it on Sunday afternoon after running my errands in the morning. I don’t know about other readers, but I found that I had to put down the book every other “encounter” to fully grasp the details. If I continued to plod on, I would have been a little lost with the fastest paced book of hers. I must admit, I felt no particular emotions in finishing the series at last, even though the previous book evoked plenty. No time was given to mourn well-known characters fall one after the other, as the plot continues to pick up. Yet, it all ends too quickly. And then, there is closure despite some questions arising.

Comfort food

Had my comfort food for companionship throughout the weekend as mentioned earlier. Just popped some Bario rice, chicken carcasses, dried oysters into the rice cooker and let it do its job. Surprisingly, keeping it on “Warm” mode for hours did wonders as the porridge became more smooth, as if the grains have been grounded. Ate it with some olive vegetable (橄榄菜) and fried gluten with peanuts (土豆斋鲍鱼).

Lovely weekend indeed. 😛



  1. I was lucky, I managed to stay in on Sat and read it from cover to cover. Felt kinda sad it ended but at least there’s some closure. Love the porridge pix – such a great combo esp with a good book.

  2. tankiasu said

    The big boys are so need to be boycotted!

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