Formosa Taiwanese Food

there are a lot of eateries around kuchai entrepreneur’s park and despite wanting to try them, am always deterred by the traffic conditions. it so happened that we were seeing a supplier around dinner time in kuchai lama and we decided to try this Taiwanese restaurant that was offering an overall 10% discount in celebration of its 2nd anniversary. the decor is typical of that of a chinese eatery, rosewood & marble stools etc. we sat down along the booth seats and were quickly attended to.


i decided to go for the Pork Chop Noodles (排骨面). It was served piping hot in a clear broth with some slivers of fatty braised pork, bean sprouts and a generous amount of spring onions (which I love!), with the deep fried pork chop served separately. the batter was seasoned, as I could taste garlic and see bits of red & green (chilli and spring onions?) in the batter.


We also ordered the “Egg Yolk Five Colour Roll” (蛋黄五彩卷) and “Stir-fried Pork Kidney with Sesame Oil Soup” (麻油猪腰汤). The 5 colour roll had squid, chicken, carrots, french beans, seaweed and salted egg yolk wrapped in a beancurd skin before being deep fried. It was rather yummy and quite a difference from the usual multi-coloured rolls i have had, which tastes mostly like fishballs. The soup was the least pleasing to our palate. the kidney slices were boiled together with ginger slices and some wine. and all i could taste was ginger, with a subtle hint of wine. Disappointing for me. We didn’t even manage to finish what’s in our small bowl, let alone the entire bowl it was served in.

Overall, food is above average and worth trying as they have quite an extensive menu. Crowd was quite encouraging too. Not too sure how long they’re offering the 10% off your bill discount though.

Formosa Esquire Kitchen of Taipei 台湾风味馆
5, Jalan 10/116B,
Kuchai Entrepreneur’s Park,
Off Jalan Kuchai Lama,
58200 K.Lumpur.
Tel: 7980 1888



  1. Su-Lin said

    That pork chop looks delicious! I’ve only just discovered Taiwanese fried porkchops and I’m in love!

  2. tankiasu said

    Me going there tonight, what a coincidence!

  3. Food looks good – I read abt this place before and was struck with how similar it’s name is with the Taiwanese restaurant in SS2.

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