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Thought I’ll write a little on the stuff I kept myself busy over the weekend. caught the king & I at istana budaya on saturday. it was very entertaining indeed. i especially enjoyed the scenes when the children appeared. the first introduction reminded me of captain von trapp introducing his 7 children to maria in “Sound of Music”. Anna, or rather Brianna Borger sings well. The story of blossoming love despite the clashing of culture is quite moving. Reminds me of why I love watching musicals. What’s next I wonder? Maybe Tunku, the musical?

after watching the musical, found out that joshua bell is performing at the mpo over the weekend. needless to say, he’s all sold out. very disappointed but what would one expect at the 11th hour? i guess listening to his CDs will just have to suffice. ah but what i’ll give to see him playing in person. *pinches self for late-realisation*

it takes another man to get over another man, no? so sans joshua bell, i settled for harry potter. or rather, the 5th HP movie. i expect it’s a commendable adaptation and since there was no way to squeeze the entire book into the 138min long movie, i shouldn’t compare it to the book. i too understand that cuts have to be made. however, i couldn’t help but wish that certain parts remained true to the book. for instance, cho being made the scapegoat whilst in the book it was her friend who sneaked. even if we felt a little better when we found out later that it was the doing of veritaserum. and the weasley twins’ great departure which could have been so much more memorable (the swamp!). though i’ll settle for the scene where all the decrees exploded. lol. still, i guess it’s the price we readers pay.

but as for the movie itself, i rather enjoyed it. couldn’t help but be brought into the wave of emotions of the creators obviously wanted us to feel. despising umbridge, feeling sorry for snape, even if just for a second. the loss when sirius died. and loved seeing parts of the book materialising instead of trying to imagine them, for instance, the black’s family tree tapestry (though i wanted to see the mother’s portrait ranting more!), the secret DA classes, the extendable ears etc.

so it does look like i am set for next week’s release of the final book in HP. ah i wonder if he’ll make it?


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  1. Do come and watch Tunku! We’ll be expecting you! šŸ˜›

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