Restoran De Maw

my aunt has been raving about this fabulous restaurant in cheras for a few days now. since i happened to be around the area over the weekend, i dragged my friend along with me in search for this establishment. when we finally found it, tucked away in a corner with minimal parking whilst it was drizzling away, we decided to devour the mangosteens we bought in the car first. lol. only when the rain stopped did we make our way into the restaurant. and even then, it was quite packed with the weekend lunch crowd. with only ±10 tables, i was a little worried that we wouldn’t get a table as my aunt recommended booking before dropping by. however we were quite lucky and were immediately seated.


the deco of the place is dominantly oriental, with marble tables, carved chairs and chinese lattice grill windows. small blue&white vases dot the pillars and chinese calligraphy decorate the walls. browsing the menu, I see quite a bit of “unusual offerings” (in m’sian chinese cuisine lah) such as “Sauna Fried Venison Steak”, Goose Webs, Garoupa with Apple, Fried chinese Noodles with Jellyfish, etc. I was tempted to order the Crispy Prince Duck (太子鸭) but we ended up with Frogs and Pork.


After we ordered, we were informed that only one chef was in service as the other one was off sick and it would be quite a wait before we were served. But whilst we were waiting for the main dishes, we were served braised peanuts and salted mustard soup. i have always loved braised peanuts, and we both quickly polished off the bowl of soft, yummy peanuts. the soup (which i believe is complimentary) whetted our appetite even more with its sourish, savoury notes. cooked with tofu, tomatoes and spring onions, I greatly enjoyed this. or maybe i was just ravenous.

about 30 minutes later our food came, which isn’t too bad a wait. We had ordered Paddy Frogs with Fried Chestnuts – Taiwanese Style (大千粟子田鸡煲) and the Three Treasure Pork (麻辣三宝猪). My friend commented that the waitress should have informed us that both dishes were rather similar in taste and looks so that we could have re-considered ordering something else. Portions are one size only, so two meats were rather heavy for us. The frogs came piping hot in a claypot, and was cooked with black bean sauce, ginger, dried chillies, and onions. It was definitely a good choice as the gravy complimented the rice well and didn’t overpower the taste of the frog meat.

The three treasure pork was actually pork trotters, pork stomach and pork rind (i think, i couldn’t really tell and i gave up guessing after one bite) cooked in this sweetish, sourish sauce (think black vinegar pork trotters 猪脚醋). the spiciness was minimal really. Quite like the gravy but was rather full by the time this was served, so I didn’t have too much of the “three treasures”. Hehe.

As my friend commented, food here is definitely above average and prices are quite reasonable. however there’s a lack of parking space and booking of tables may be needed.

Restoran De Maw 地茂馆中华料理
No.18, Jalan Pudu Ulu,
off 3rd Mile Jalan Cheras,
56100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel:03 – 9285 7833

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