K3K Kopitiam

When I saw the corner lot being renovated into a kampung like restaurant, I was already eager to see what this place would serve. Originally from Kuala Lipis, the menu here mostly boasts of kopitiam fare. I really like the interior design of this place, which is very old school and uses nyonya glass liberally.


As we were there during lunch time, it was rather chaotic as it was packed and there was obviously a lack of staff. But then, this place is still very new hence the less than efficient service is understandable. It took a while for our orders to get sorted out due to some confusion. Lucky my “Michael Jackson” (normally a drink of soya bean milk and cincau , B&W mix, get it?) was served first and I could quench my thirst. But instead of soya bean milk, the guys here use milk, so it’s cincau milk. I actually prefer this version to the one with soya bean milk.

l-r:cincau milk, Fire Bread (Steamed Version), Homestyle Hakka Mee

We ordered the bread to share, and opted for a steamed version instead of the usual toasted version as most of us were still suffering from a scratchy throat. Soft and fluffy, it was warm. Taste wise however, still prefer the toasted versions. My colleague ordered the Homestyle Hakka Mee as it looked very enticing in the menu. Served wet with a lot of gravy, it had “bok choy”, egg white bits, prawns, oyster mushrooms and wood fungus, topped with spring onions. Sure didn’t live up to expectations as it was very bland and too watery. Should have called this “Mee Banjir” (Flooded Noodles) instead.

l-r: Nasi Lemak Curry Chicken, Yam Rice, K3K Spaghetti

The Nasi Lemak was served with the usual suspects of sambal, ikan bilis (anchovies), peanuts, hard boiled egg and cucumbers apart from an extra serving of achar (pickled vegetables) and chicken curry. Tasted mediocre too.

The Yam Rice was served with achar and a generous dollop of sambal. Must admit the rice looked unappetising, akin to overnight rice due to the pale brown colour and yellowed long beans in it. Taste wise it was so-so only, hence I finished all the accompaniments which was much needed to “jazz up” the rice. Apparently the best tasting dish was the K3K Spaghetti which was spaghetti topped with a sweetish, spicy seafood sauce. The sauce had cuttlefish, prawns, carrots, onions etc. Leafy “bok choy” was used as a garnish once again.

Despite the cozy and homey interior design, I reckon I won’t be back here in a hurry because both food and service were so-so only. They’ll need to buck up if they hope to maintain a regular flow of customers as I can see that in the past few days, business has slowed down in comparison to the crowd when they first opened.

K3K Kopitiam 桂三记
A13, Jalan SS15/4D,
47500 Subang Jaya,



  1. tankiasu said

    Hmmm….so so service? I won’t go there then.

    epicuriousgirl says:i think this is only because they’re new. hopefully the quality of both service & food picks up soon.

  2. myCoffee said

    I was there a week ago. Business was very good but like you said, they were understaffed and hence service was far by lacking…. At that time, upstairs wasn’t open yet. Wonder if it’s open now. But i like their kaya.

    epicuriousgirl says:i think they only open the upstairs section at night. 🙂

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