Aoyama Japanese Restaurant

It was my ex-supervisor’s birthday and a bunch of us decided to buy him dinner. As his favourite is Japanese, how could we not fulfill his desires? Lol. It so happens that I have celebrated quite a few birthdays with other people in Aoyama, Desa Sri Hartamas so I suggested eating there.

As usual the place was packed and I regretted not making a reservation earlier. We waited anyways. Only managed to get a table around 25 mins later. Were famished by then. It’s always good to get the waitress to suggest some specials as they sometimes have great offerings not on the menu, based on the current available ingredient.

itako (baby octopus), japanese clam soup, kaki kim-chi nabe RM 18

We started off with the baby octopus and two soups, the clam soup and a spicy kimchi soup. the two soups were very contrasting in flavours as the kimchi soup was rather concentrated and had quite a lot of ingredients in it such as oysters, fish, prawns, tofu etc. Serving was a little smaller than expected, but then, japanese food is all about presentation and refinement eh?

crunchy avocado maki RM24 and rainbow maki RM18.

The cruncy avocado maki was recommended by our waittress but somehow we all ended up liking the rainbow maki we chose better. The rainbow maki was made with sashimi of various fishes i think, and tasted really fresh.

Dragon Roll and Bikkuri Maki RM28

The dragon roll was basically eel maki topped with avocado slices. Always been a favourite of mine as I love the taste of teriyaki sauce with the greens. We orderd the Bikkuri Maki much later, thinking that we had more tummy space to go. However, we overlooked the size of each maki, which was almost twice the size of the other makis. And within the maki was 4 dices of raw fish, which was very filling.

Seafood Fried Rice RM10, Tori Katsu Don RM 22 and Saba Shioyaki Set RM20

My ex-colleagues being “rice buckets” (fan tong) themselves, ordered rice for themselves. I only had a sliver of the grilled saba fish coz I was starting to feel stuffed from all the sushi rice. the night ended excellently with a catch up session as the nearby Coffee Bean.

Even though Aoyama serves more fusion japanese food than the traditional ones, I quite like it for their originality. And apparently, it’s one of the few places to serve fugu (blowfish/pufferfish) and there are only 7 licensed handlers in M’sia! It’s always packed so it’s better to make your reservations prior to eating here.

Aoyama The Green Room
No. 10, Jalan 27/70A,
Desa Sri Hartamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur

Tel : 03 – 2300 0683

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  1. […] Aoyama is a firm favourite with the girls in the office and we have been frequenting this place as one of the girls gets updates on seasonal or special items to try. Most of the time, it’s mostly seasonal fish and we have been eyeing an fugu experience (available during Japanese winters) but to no avail as the blowfish is getting more expensive and scarcer by the day (unless farmed). But one can continue hoping… But that’s not what this post is about. It’s about something much, much tamer and 100% risk free. Haha. […]

  2. […] Two years ago, he was supposed to take me out for some Japanese food he kept raving about at Aoyama, Hartamas. When we got there for dinner, it was close so we ended up at a Korean barbecue […]

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