Street Food in Hanoi – Part 2

saw this hidden stall just two doors away from our hotel enjoying brisk business and decided to check it out. it was selling Bún ốc, which is vermicelli with sea snails cooked in a tomato based broth and is served with beancurd puffs, and a smattering of spring onions. the soup is hearty and heartwarming.

This was also sold nearby our hotel. The vietnames baguette, Banh Mi containing paté, Vietnamese mayo, different selections of Vietnamese cold cuts and deli (a large variety, most commonly with ham, head cheese, and a Vietnamese bologna), pickled daikon and carrot, cucumber slices.

the drip coffee and fried egg noodles that we had during a brief stopover at a disabled person’s workshop on the way to Halong Bay. the noodles were surprisingly good, with beef slices, tomatoes and leafy vegetables.

the sign outside the stall says that this is Bun Rieu Nam Bo. apparently “bun rieu” is a soup stock made of crab, starfruit and other sourish ingredients. well, whatever it is, it’s quite a hearty bowl of goodness, with a sweet tang to the broth and served with pork trotters, pork slivers, a spamstick, meatballs, tofu puffs, chopping spring onions and onions. see the sliced chillies in the background? they sure are hotter than they look. loved them!

Thung Vit Lon, or embryonic duck eggs. The eggs contain a half formed duck embryo and is boiled before being consumed. the locals swear by its nutritional value, and eat it with salt and ginger slivers. widely available at 20,000 VND, we only mustered up the courage to try it on our last day. even then, we asked for one to share between the group as the thought of consuming an entire egg with a duckling in it seemed too daunting. the yolk is separate from the little bird and i tried a bit of each. tastes savoury and meaty and rather good in all honesty. but still, two tiny bites is enough.

Banh cuon made with minced pork, mushrooms and wood fungus wrapped in a flimsy rice film and served with sliced cha lua (luncheon meat), deep fried shallots and chicken floss, near the Luan Song market. Also bought some glutinous rice with peanuts, whole & ground to try. savoury and filling.

saw this vendor near little hanoi at Ta Hien selling bun bo nam bo, basically a layered dish of lettuce and vietnamese basil leaves at the bottom, topped by bun noodles, some beansprouts, small tender slices of beef (freshly stir fried by the vendor), crushed peanuts, and sweet sauce over the top of the lot. i ate it all mixed well, like a noodle salad.

now this was a great find. tasty luncheon meat like patty sandwiched by a flat, round glutinous rice cake, wrapped with a banana leaf. the savoury meat against the tasteless, sticky cake was quite something.

a popular vietnamese local fruits mix that we saw being recommended on tv. fresh locally available fruit such as apple custard, avocado, jack fruit, strawberry, passionfruit, dragonfruit, lychee, mango and banana etc is topped with condensed milk and ice. mix well. i wasn’t too keen on this despite how enticing it looks as i thought milky fruit is an acquired taste. and this particular glass had too much mango which overpowered the flavours of the rest of the fruits.

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