Bobby Chinn, Hanoi

my best guy friend insisted I come here because during his recent trip to Hanoi, he flew in the same plane with the chef himself and enjoyed meeting & dining with him. Plus he sang high praises of the food. So curiosity got the better of me, and I found myself persuading my group to go eat at Bobby Chinn’s the first night we were in Hanoi. As we walked along the Hoan Kiem Lake and enjoyed the full “open-ness” of vietnamese couples’ dating, i was quickly caught up in the headiness that was Hanoi.


As soon as we stepped into Restaurant Bobby Chinn, we were ushered to the bar, backlit in pink, where white roses hung on strings overhead. Order a drink while you wait they urge. Instead I striked up an unlikely conversation with a German woman who was enjoying her evening drink before she went on her way home. Home being Hilton Hanoi. Simply because the woman was the F&B manager of Hilton Hanoi. Very reassuring for me. So of course I quizzed her on her recommendation and she said her personal favourite was the salmon. Definitely something we’ll be ordering then.

the dining area is simple, but scarlet billowing drapes acting as partitions ensure some privacy to every table. discreet nooks of low tables and bean bag like couches are also hidden around the restaurant. The place is pretty dim but fret not because they have cleverly placed a magnifying glass with built in illumination atop the menu for your “reading convenience”. And the catchy menu is a must read as the house rules are written with great humour.


I was very thirsty by the time we sat down and quickly ordered a passion fruit juice. we were served a complimentary appetiser that was a seafood mash in the shape of a scallop and placed on a bed of rice vermicelli atop a scallop shell. there was a spicy tangy sauce under the rice vermicelli which complimented it very well. quite a good start to the dinner, i would say. Colleague’s “Jumbo Grilled Prawns with Semi Sticky Rice” came first. 3 prawns were placed on the rice wrapped in some leaf (too dark to ascertain, lol). The rice was sweetish to taste, which was a little weird for me. Creamy curry-like sauce was drizzled over all the accompanying vegetables. In all honesty, didn’t like this main course much.


Our next two dishes were sublime, but then what would you expect when they’re known as the signature dishes of Bobby Chinn? “Pan Roasted Salmon on Wasabi Mashed Potatoes” and “Green Tea Smoked Duck fanned over black sticky rice, baby bok choy and pomegranate duck jus”. The salmon was crisp to taste and the mashed potatoes has just the right kick to it. the creamy potatoes seem to slide right down my throat. truly the best main course our table had that night.

the duck was a bit too “rare” hence some manful chewing was required. perhaps the duck breast was sliced a little too thick. not too keen on the black sticky rice either. am a little surprised at the liberal use of glutinous rice in the restaurant. but overall, it made up in points of originality and taste. the flavour of the duck grew on me as i chewed. lol.

we were too full for dessert at the end of the meal as we had some bahn mi prior to visiting Bobby Chinn. But I am sure the desserts are just as creative as the rest of the menu. Apparently, Bobby constantly changes the menu to suit the seasonal ingredients so looks like this place is a must-visit for those who savour such experiences. Prices may seem steep in exchange to our Ringgit but most of them are under USD20 which is considered affordable in comparison to other upscale restaurants in major cities.

Bobby Chinn
1 Ba Trieu Street,
Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi,

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  1. Ryan said


    Bobby Chinn’s moved to 77 Xuan Dieu.

    epicuriousgirl says:thanks for the update.

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