Vietnamese Coffee

blog inactivity was due to the fact that I was in Hanoi, Vietnam. the heat of the summer was a little more than i bargained for. thank goodness for the cold relief of the passion fruit juices and iced vietnamese coffee! on the first and second days we were unsuccessful in our quest to search for authentic vietnamese coffee that knocked our socks off. but late on the 3rd night, we stumbled upon Lam Coffee. The irony was that it was barely 50m away from where we stayed. the cafe, with low wooden tables and stools are packed with its loyal clientele, men and university students (hanoi has over 40 unis!), sipping the potent franco-viet drip while catching up. the cafe also displays artwork depicting vietnamese scenes.


the dark liquid, served with a ring of sweetened condensed milk at the bottom of the glass is the real deal. one sip, and a sigh of contentment escapes. it’s no wonder we returned 3 times in 2 days to get our dose. hope the ground coffee powder we bought tastes just as rich!

Lam Coffee
DC: 91, Nguyen Huu Huan
Hoan Kiem District (Old Quarter), Hanoi,


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