Alexis BSC


was my colleague’s birthday last week and we decided to celebrate it at alexis a few days later. it was the interior design which caught my eye a few weeks back and i have made a mental note to return to check the place out. and who the better to go with than my colleagues? can’t believe i never noticed it till a few weeks back. quite like the decor, esp. the ingenious way of keeping their stock which doubles up as display. talk about killing two birds with one stone!


we ordered the alexis platter and fried calamari to start with. the alexis platter was actually fried saigon spring rolls, thai fish cakes, toasted baguette slices, toasted tortilla triangles, served with hummus, guacamole, baba ghanoush and kalamata olives with sun dried tomatoes. i particularly enjoyed the dips as i haven’t had any for quite a while, since my birthday i believe. the saigon spring rolls were still warm to bite but the thai fish cakes were a little cold by the time i bit into one of them.

the shallow fried calamari was served with tossed rocket salad with roasted peppers and for once, the salad tasted better than the dish it was complimenting. but that’s not to say that the calamari wasn’t tasty because it was. flavourful and crunchy. enjoyed this starter immensely.


as for the mains, we all chose something different so that we could try each other’s food. our boss went for the nyona mee siam and what a huge portion that was! piled with prawns, chicken strips, egg omelette strips etc, it was quite a “mountain” to tackle. as my boss can’t take prawns, i got them all. yum! my colleague decided to go for the “Sarawak Laksa” which is one of Alexis’s signature dishes. The red broth looked promising but after one sip, i knew that it wasn’t as thick & rich as the sarawakians liked it. In fact, I sincerely think that the hawker version of this available in Nam Chuan, Bangsar is better. But this is not too bad either.

the birthday girl loves her lamb and it was no surprise when she chose the “Guinness Lamb Stew” which was served with chunky vegeatables (squash, zucchini etc) and a nice dollop of mashed potatoes. Even though I quite like the aftertaste the guinness infused gravy left, i thought it brought out the “gamey” taste of the lamb, which didn’t appeal to me much. nor was it as tender as I would liked it to be. but the mash was really creamy and nice! Another colleague of ours happens to be a Vegetarian and could only choose one of the salads as dinner. Even then, most of the salads either had some form of forbidden ingredient for her and in the end, she went for the “Alexis Salad Bowl” which consisted leafy vegetable (mesclun, i think), grapefruit wedges and sunflower seeds, tossed with home made vinaigrette. Don’t think she would have enjoyed that much as it all looked so “organic”.

i was craving something hot hence I went for the “Nasi Ulam” (raw vegetable rice) which came with rice mixed with raw vegetables & herbs, catfish berlada (fried to a crisp and served with a scoop of sambal tumis), terung sambal (aubergines with chilli paste) and beef rendang, accompanied by fish crackers and mango chutney. After trying all the 6 dishes we ordered, I am going to be biased and say that my choice was the best. The spicyness was just right and I enjoyed every bite of my meal, even if I thought the rice could do with more herbs/raw vegetables. Bit mild. The worst choice our group made was the “Spaghettini with Seafood Parcel”. Served wrapped in paper, the pasta dish had too much spaghetti and too little seafood. The tomato based gravy was nothing to shout about either.


And of course we had cake for the birthday girl. As her favourite was tiramisu, we ordered just that. We didn’t know that it was going to be so different from the typical tiramisu. Spongy, with cream and chocolate flakes in it, it was topped with nuts and caramelised sugar bits and served with some berry soup/sauce. it was quite heavenly and we almost managed to finish it. my boss was craving for crumble and ordered the “Peach & Banana Crumble” which ended up unfinished. Maybe we were too full, but I didn’t really like it. Even though the banana was soft and mushy, I kept getting pieces of oats stuck between my teeth. And they tasted hard, as if uncooked. The cream they heated it up with somehow seemed too rich and thick. Perhaps I’ll have a different opinion had I tried it on an empty stomach.

To sum up, food’s not that fantastic, looks like the desserts hold more promise. and i thought that the waiter who took our order was very haughty and impatient. overall service was just mediocre. Still, enjoyed the dinner with my colleagues there, and will be back for more cakes & desserts!

alexis bistro
Lot F15A, First Floor,
Bangsar Shopping Centre,
285 Jalan Maarof,
Bukit Bandar Raya,
59000 Kuala Lumpur.

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