Restoran Sun Ming

after reading a good food guide from the flavours, my friend and i decided to venture into cheras to visit the area’s most famous roasted meat shop. even though the both of us were not very familiar with cheras, we found the shop easily enough. located at the shoplots beside Taman Connaught’s BHP petrol station, it has an illustration of a duck gracing the shop’s signboard.

it was a sunday and at lunchtime too, so the queue (see pic) was rather long. upon entering the shop, you’ll see a lady chopping away. roast duck(烧鸭), barbecued pork (char siew/叉烧), roast pork (烧肉), roast chicken (烧雞), and sausages are hung in front of her whereas bowls of salted mustard stew are placed next to her. the tables were packed and we were ushered in by the waiters to share tables with other smaller groups. my friend and i ordered radish soup (白蘿蔔汤) apart from the mixed cuts of roast duck, char siew and roast pork. they have a variety of soups such as peanut, lotus root etc. but by the time we got there, only 4 types were available as the others have already sold out. for rice, you can choose to have the white rice or the yellow rice cooked with chicken broth.

the roast duck here seems fleshier than the ones i have had recently. both the roast duck and char siew were moist and succulent and i enjoyed them immensely. i have never been a huge fan of roast pork, and i thought this was a tad too salty for my liking, although it was rather crunchy. but then, i tend to eat less saltily than my friends so it may be just right for you. the soup came a bit late as I think they forgot about it. I was too full to try any by then and my friend has this “aversion” of sharing soup unless it’s divided into separate bowls. but since he slurped every bit of it clean, i assume it would be rather rich & tasty.

wouldn’t mind coming here again whenever i am in the neighborhood. oh, they serve yong tau foo too, at RM 1/ pc. Only saw it as we were leaving and the good food guide mentioned that the filling is extra springy as the fish paste is minced with a knife. looks like i’ll be ordering that the next time i’m here.

Restoran Sun Ming 新明记烧腊饭店
137, Jln Sarjana,
Tmn Connaught,
Cheras, K.L.

Open: 11a.m to 7p.m



  1. Ah, Sun Ming is a fav of my family. we’ll drive all the way there just to eat the roast duck. If you eat more roast duck places, you’ll notice how some are meatier vs the scrawny ones as some stalls use smaller ducks hence the variation in price also.

    epicuriousgirl says:ditto to the variation in price relating to the size of the duck 🙂

  2. zewt said

    currently… the duck rice place in sea park called sunrise has the best duck in the country… let’s see if this place will beat it. one thing though… this place has siew yok… sunrise doesnt.

    epicuriousgirl says:yup, i have been wanting to go back to sunrise to make a comparison. haven’t been there in years and can’t really recall the taste anymore.

  3. tankiasu said

    Oh my place is in a housing area just opposite the highway. But its been years since I last tried them.

  4. […] 5:00 pm · Filed under Hawkerfare, Eating Out, Food after my satisfactory roast meat lunch at sun ming, i was eager to try this other place i stumbled upon near cheras’s leisure mall. also taking […]

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