Sekmechoy Hakka Food

one evening, out of the blue, my friend suggested eating at Salak South. I rarely set foot in Salak South and had no idea where to eat. But he said this restaurant was recommended on tv and was worth a visit. but the selling point that won me over was that it served hakka food.

the shoplot is a combination of 3 shoplots , with one air-conditioned section. the proprietors approach you by speaking in hakka, and the lady boss told me she prefers to converse in hakka to those who speak it. but fret not, she speaks cantonese too. lol. as it was our first time there, we asked for the specials which included salt baked chicken (鹽焗雞), pepper bak kut teh (胡椒肉骨茶), Wine Chicken (黄酒雞), stewed pork belly with preserved mustard (梅菜扣肉), pig trotters with ginger in black vinegar (猪脚醋) etc. which showcased the 3 main characteristics of traditional Hakka cusine – “salty”, “fatty” and “aromatic”.

we decided to start off with a vegetable dish, and ordered stir-fried sweet potato sprouts with belacan (炒番薯叶). Friend wanted the stewed pork belly with preserved mustard (梅菜扣肉) and I was curious about the pepper bak kut teh (胡椒肉骨茶). Instead of white rice, we opted to try the mustard greens rice (芥菜饭).

the bak kut teh soup had pork slices, ribs, pig stomach, beancurd puffs etc. and tasted more like pig stomach soup (猪肚汤) and i barely remember tasting any herbs. but it was fiery and warms you up. but the stewed pork belly “kau yoke” definitely stole the show that night. tender, juicy and so well-soaked in the juices. no wonder i finished my rice. the fried vege was just so-so.

another thing i must mention is the hygiene of the eatery. despite the tasty food, a local from Salak South later told me that the area is prone to flooding and that affects the cleanliness of the food. even on the night i was eating, saw a tiny rat running across the floor which doesn’t exactly shout “clean!” but the hygiene issues definitely doesn’t deter the people from coming in to fill the tables. so maybe for the sake of good food sometimes, we’re willing to turn a blind eye to other factors and pray that nothing happens to us.

Kedai Makan Sekmechoy 锡米才胡椒肉骨茶
199, Jalan Besar,
Salak Selatan,
57100 Kuala Lumpur.

Opens 9am to 9pm.

other reviews:
阿贤人情味 (written in chinese)



  1. Yup, this was featured on Taste of Jason before – think this place has a big banner in front of the restaurant. Food looks good, will definitely give this a try one day soon. Thanks for the tip and aiks abt the rat. Guess it was an aftermath from the flooding on Sunday.

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