Sin Wan Rojak & Delight Cold Drinks, Miri

was back in my hometown, miri briefly over the weekend to attend a good friend’s wedding. the day after the wedding, the newlyweds gathered the few of us helping out to catch up over shaved ice desserts. was quite surprised to see the crowd at this cold drinks shop when we arrived. even had to wait for about 10 minutes before we got a table.


decided to order the “campur semua” (literally translated to mean “mix all”). one can choose to have it topped with evaporated milk or coconut milk and i chose the former. indeed it was full of ingredients and i remember tasting sago beads, corn, red beans, jelly slivers, grass jelly etc.


what’s a tea break without the food? Hence, we ordered the sotong kangkung (鱿鱼蕹菜) and fried fritters platter(炸虾饼), which are firm favourites of ours. The sotong kangkung is basically blanched water spinach/convolvulus with cuttlefish, served with sauce & ground peanuts whereas the fried fritter platter of fried goodies such as prawn fritters, yam/taro fritters, sweet potato fritters, tofu etc were topped with a gooey sauce and peanuts. quite a generous portion for both, and most of the fried stuff was bite size, which was appreciated by a larger group like us.

even though the staff can seem a little abrupt, but the patrons seem to bear with it because of the standard of the food. definitely better than lian yee where we used to go.

Sin Wan Rojak & Delight Cold Drinks Centre
Bintang Jaya Commercial Centre (opposite the Petronas petrol station)
98000 , Miri


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  1. Wow, didn’t know you’re from Miri. We’re doing a trip there soon. Do you have any food recommendations? You can email me at Thanks so much.

    epicuriousgirl says:yep, am from miri. look out for my email! 🙂

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