Traditional Herbal Soup, Chow Yang

those who live by themselves will definitely appreciate what i am about to review – herbal soup! i rarely have time to cook my own, and miss my grandmother’s cooking immensely. and on some days, i just crave homecooked soup. recalling a recommendation on the chinese herbal soups at chow yang, went looking for the place one night and found the stall almost immediately. it’s not hard to miss, esp. with the huge ceramic urns beside it. furthermore, the lim mee yoke coffeeshop of chow yang is quite famous for its prawn noodles.


a menu of the day is placed on the front of the stall, and the ones that are sold out are crossed out. apart from soups, they also have some other dishes such as 五香猪脚饭 (five spice pork trotter rice),芋头扣肉饭 (stewed pork with yam rice), 梅菜花肉饭 and 猪脚醋 (pig trotters with ginger in black vinegar) etc.

as the photos on the menu only showed the soup being served in bowls, we didn’t know how big the servings was and we both ordered one type of soup each. and when the soups came (piping hot in a ceramic claypot) i knew we couldn’t finish it. one serving was enough to share between 2 to 3 persons! the soup comes with a bowl of rice and costs RM13 each. I ordered the 提神补气清肺鸡汤 (Chicken Soup to replenish the qi and to tonify & cleanse the Lungs) and my friend ordered the 北芪党参蜜枣鸡汤 (Chicken Soup with astragalus, codonopsis and honey dates which serves to nourish the breathing organs and blood).

as we couldn’t finish the soups, we ended up taking away about half of it. whether the soup really tonifies or not, we’re not sure. but the taste was akin to homecooked soup, rich and flavourful. and i know where to go the next time i have a craving for slow fire soups (慢火汤). afterall, there’s so many other types of herbal soups awaiting us!

Chinese Traditional Herbal Soup 中国民间瓦缸煨汤
Lim Mee Yoke Coffeeshop
157 Jalan SS2/6,
47300 Petaling Jaya,

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you get what you give…sometimes


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  1. They were originally from Puchong – looks like they shifted to ss2. I quite like the soup also – we usually share among 4 pax

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