Wong Soon Kee, SS14

Having lived in Subang Jaya since 2000, I am a little surprised to find out that there’s good nasi lemak within the vicinity of my neighborhood. not only that, nasi lemak with fried chicken that would provide serious competition to KFC!


the only quirk about this stall is that it opens in the afternoon, from about 2:30p.m onwards. and apparently there’s always a long queue! managed to take some away to try one afternoon, and clearly the main star of the meal is the fried chicken. hot and juicy, it’s a must have when one visits this corner lot coffee shop. quite a big portion too, so it’s guaranteed to fill you up. the sambal and curries have been modified to suit chinese taste buds, hence are more mild in comparison to the authentic, malay counterparts.


Apart from nasi lemak, this stall also serves curry chee cheong fun. and once again you can opt to add fried chicken or other dishes to the chee cheong fun.

however if you can’t make it in the afternoons, the economy rice stall next to it sells pretty good fried chicken for the lunch time crowd too. word has it the two stall owners are related, hence the similarity in the taste of the fried chicken. instead of the original flavour, they also serve another version of fried chicken with curry leaves which gives it an extra subtle flavour.

Lim Fried Chicken (www)
Wong Soon Kee (王信記)
1, Jalan 14/1
47500 Subang Jaya

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  1. politikus said

    omfg i wanna try. is this only on weekdays .. how about weekends? you know melah, nasi lemak addict

    epicuriousgirl says: yup! got mine on a weekend afternoon.

  2. tankiasu said

    Oh I love fried chickens, but too far for weekdays lunch. Hmm, maybe Sat noon then. Yummmmm

  3. myCoffee said

    My dad used to “tar-pow” this for me all the time when I was young. Yeah, I remember liking the fried chicken very much. Also remembered that the rice portion was HUGE but heard had since greatly reduced.

  4. lse said

    Yeah. I am nasi lemak lover. I love this nasi lemak so much. I have posted my review and map on . Take a look.

  5. ohh..atr nasi lemak plc?? Haha..seems tht i randomly click on yr achives and i get more NL! goody…

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