Restaurant Kam Hin

acting on tankiasu‘s recommendation, my friend and i searched kuchai lama for this eatery on impulse during our weekend breakfast meetup. as it was a last minute decision made in the car, i couldn’t recall the location apart from the fact that’s near the Projet petrol station. but after we passed the petrol station, we spotted it due to the large crowd. Couldn’t find a parking spot first time round and finally spotted one across the road, by the condominiums. Then it was table waiting time…

after a good 15 minutes, finally managed to snag a table at the corner inside the restaurant. i wanted to sit outside initially but it seemed almost impossible to get a table with so many other parties waiting. and all this time, my friend’s hunger pangs intensified as he stood near the open kitchen and had a bird’s eye view of the food being prepared.

as soon as we sat down, waiters holding trays of steaming dim sum in bamboo steamers stopped at our table to let us make our pick. my friend normally gauges the standard of the dim sum by asking for classics such as the siew mai (烧卖, steamed pork dumplings), har kao (蝦餃, steamed prawn dumpling), chicken feet (凤爪) etc. we didn’t manage to get the har kao as it was quickly picked up by the other tables. instead, we got one of the variations which had minced pork with chinese parsley wrapped in the translucent wheat starch skin, topped with some salted egg yolk bits. i didn’t really like it as the taste of the chinese parsley was overpowering. the siew mai was much better, with big chunks of prawns in it.

both the steamed spare ribs (排骨) and chicken feet (deep fried, then boiled and marinated in a blackbean sauce before being steamed to its reddish hue) were mediocre compared to the usual dim sum restaurant we frequent in Puchong.


but both of us agreed the star of the meal was this fried glutinous rice (炒糯米饭) which was a bit on the oily side (to prevent the rice from sticking, i presume) but chockful of ingredients such as char siew, lap cheong (chinese sausages), eggs, scallions etc. i reckon the glutinous rice was lightly stir fried with the ingredients before being steamed and friend wanted a second serving but it was all sold out by then.

the char siew pao filling was sticky and looked promising. but i can’t recall how it tasted, which probably meant it wasn’t that memorable.


i quite like the fried dim sum we had – salad har (沙拉虾, fried prawn fritters served with mayonnaise) and the egg tart (蛋挞). the prawn fritter’s crust was fluffy and light to the bite. as for the egg tart, the outer crust was light and flaky, and the egg custard not too sweet. both winners with me.

my verdict is that this restaurant has its hits and misses but is worth checking out for the abundant choices and generous ingredients. maybe it’s best to visit the place when the morning crowd has dispersed to enjoy the eating experience more.

Restaurant Kam Hin 锦轩港式风味点心
Jalan 1/116B, Kuchai Lama



  1. Thanks for the tips – now I know which ones to choose from if I’m in the area.

  2. tankiasu said

    Oh you went to Kam Hin. You know what? All my visits to Kam Hin were at night. I know its super crowded during the morning, so never bother to wake up for it. But at night, that restaurant is virtually empty. And all the dim sums will be steamed only after you ordered. 😉

  3. Joey said

    you shud have tried the Polo Bun (pineapple bun), i think it’s nicer than kopitiam’s one 🙂

    epicuriousgirl says:thanks for the recommendation. will definitely try it the next time round.

  4. Irvine said

    YOu definately know where to go for good food =) I went to bambu bali after seeing ur post btw.. hehe. Not bad~

    epicuriousgirl says: hi. thanks for visiting and I’m glad you find my reviews useful 🙂

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