Gobo Chit Chat, Trader’s


Was at Trader’s Hotel with some colleagues and we ended up at Gobo Chit Chat for lunch with the boss. she encouraged us to try the buffet lunch which was going for RM38++ per pax. only she went for the kampung fried rice in the a la carte menu.

at first my colleagues were very excited at the prospect of the buffet lunch as they spied a sushi bar. however, the sashimi was a la carte and only the rice rolls were part of the buffet fare. there was quite a variety of cold salads and some hot food. however none of them looked that enticing, but we took some to try anyway. the best we had was perhaps the fish fillets in a cream based sauce. instead of fresh oysters, we saw cold flower crabs and bamboo/razor clams.

soup noodles and chicken/duck rice were available too but the looks of it didn’t tempt any of us. steamed dim sum such as siew mai, har kow and char siew paos were also placed in bamboo steamers but they were barely warm. the dessert options looked interesting from afar. yet none of us went back for seconds. most of the cakes were either too dry or hard.

quite a disappointing buffet lunch in my opinion. none of the food really stood out and service was also inferior. one of the waiters actually threw the straw down when serving the drinks. not what we expected from a 4 star hotel.

Gobo Chit Chat
Trader’s Hotel,
KL City Centre.

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  1. tankiasu said

    I guess the low price is a good indication of what to expect huh? Hmm…don’t think I’ll try them. Shangri-la KL is still one of my fav hotel buffet.

  2. hmmmm, that’s terrible!

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