Broadway Parodies Lah!

just got back from a fun-filled night watching this musical show Broadway Parodies Lah, at Bangsar Actor’s Studio and thought I would do a quick non-food post even though there was no escaping from the mention of food even at the musical show as they started with songs on food! there was a spoof on “food, glorious food” (from Oliver!) and other food songs such as “chicken with the chilli on top” (“Surrey with the Fringe On Top”) were sung. even a makeshift “mamak” stall was one of the props used on the stage.

it didn’t start off too well, mainly because the sound system sounded muffled and i could barely hear the words the cast was trying so hard to sing. but from the 3rd song onwards it picked up and i had quite a good laugh throughout. to think that the producer & writer behind this is a mat salleh ! he sure got malaysian jokes down pat. lol. most of the cast were quite good but Douglas Lim stole the show by dressing up in female clothes for a couple of the songs. and i was very impressed with the vocals of Cheryl Tan esp. when she sang the spoof of “sixteen going on seventeen” from The Sound Of Music on the subject of National Service. Other favourite songs of mine included “Bodoh Lah” (” Do Re Mi”), “The Bomoh of the Bursa” (“The Phantom of the Opera”) etc.

Anyhow, if you’re like me, a fan of musicals, parodies and most things malaysian, then do head out for one of their shows and get a few laughs.

star write up.

ps: also watched the Pirates of The Carribean 3 this morning and even though it lived up to my expectations, still felt as if i was left hanging at the end. yet the music continues to haunt me and i find myself humming it all the time. go figure.



  1. politikus said

    cheryl is nat’s sister btw 🙂 i’m sooo fwding this to her, she’ll be very happy 🙂

    epicuriousgirl says: small, small world indeed. 😛

  2. tankiasu said

    Mega thank you for posting this up, otherwise I would have miss this. I love musical play, especially funny ones.Have you watch Hairspray before, I absolutely love it! I’m so going to watch it this Tuesday (20% off). You know what? Douglas Lim used to be my church mate. It would be great to say hi to him again. Thanks again!

    epicuriousgirl says: no problems! hope you’ll enjoy it as much as i did. heard that it’s sold out till weds though, so best try thursday? also 20% off.

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