Café Café

one of the things my uni mate and i enjoy is trying new food places. it’s something we used to do since our days in UK, with us traipsing around Bayswater for authetic Indian, Thai, Chinese fare etc. Since she’s in town during her birthday, decided to celebrate it by having dinner at Café Café.

Have heard quite a lot about this place and couldn’t wait to experience it for myself. a little piece of paris amongst the hustle & bustle of jalan maharajalela. from the road, we could only see that it was hidden behind a huge billboard and even as we got near, we weren’t sure if that was the right place as there was no visible sign. the wooden exterior, painted a dark shade of colour seemed unassuming, yet once you enter, quite a different atmosphere greets you. one of romance, splendour and opulence.


Various types of chandeliers grace the ceiling, and crystals drops are suspended using clear fishing lines, giving meaning to the term of dining under the “stars”. Lush, thick curtains provide some privacy from curious passerbys yet enriches the posh factor of the restaurant. the floor is decked with black & white square patterns, and the dim romantic lighting mode is accentuated by carefully placed table lamps, or unique one pieces, which most probably are antiques.


as we reserved a table in advance, we got a table by the windows where we could revel in the stark difference between the confines of the restaurant and the busy KL traffic outside. what a hideaway! but gorgeous ambience aside, the food… to start, we had the complimentary bread rolls, which was served with a cream cheese & butter spread.

our starters - king prawns, frog legs with saffron and baked escargots

we decided to take the set with the choice of two starters out of four – foie gras, frog legs with saffron, baked escargots with parsley butter sauce, and wild rocket salad with pear and parmigiano. we went for the frog legs & escargots. but since my friend can’t take the frog legs for religious reasons, i urged her to choose something else from the ala carte menu and she picked the “honey truffles king prawns & scallop”.

the prawns were oh-so-good. love the chopped nuts and the truffles sauce. i think we enjoyed every bite of it. as for the frogs, it was more moroccan with the saffron flavoured rice. and the frogs had a kung pao like sauce to rid it of the “fishy” taste i think. but it was not well-cooked enough for my liking as some of the meat was still raw near the bones. but still, i thought it was a rather interesting starter. the escargots were just non descript which is quite a pity as it’s next in line to the famed foie gras for french starters. i prefer the normal method of baking it in its shell,with some herbed butter. these escargots were practically drowning in the melted parsley butter and were just too oily and bland for my liking. and my friend thinks it’s most probably the canned ones, judging from the taste and texture.

While I only had 3 options under the set, from which I picked “Baked Lamb Racks with Wild Rocket”, my friend chosed the “Beef Tenderloin with Foie Gras Reduction, Potato Salad & Boiled Vegetables”. The beef came first, served with boiled broccoli and a potato & cauliflower salad. then my lamb racks came, served with wild rocket and the same potato & caulifower salad with a drizzle of mint sauce. i really enjoyed the lamb, which was juicy and flavourful. the potato salad was very good too, creamy and satisfying.

after we’re done with our main courses, i was already feeling quite full but how can there not be cake for the birthday girl? looking at the desserts menu, we opted for the “hot chocolate cake with vanilla ice-cream” despite there being a 20 minute wait. we thought what better time for us to sit back and relax and drink in the ambience? but the cake was worth the wait coz we were already blown away by the appearance first. the plate is dusted all over with cocoa powder, with the petite cake in the middle, next to a dollop of vanilla ice cream, accompanied by a single physallis (cape gooseberry) and strawberry. birthday greetings were scribbled onto the cocoa powder, and one single candle stuck in the ice-cream.

Only upon breaking the cake and seeing the warm, chocolatey goodness ooze out did we realise it was “Moelleux au Chocolat” that we were having. It was rich and indulgently good. between the both of us, the plate was almost wiped clean. this is one dessert i’m definitely ordering again should I return to Café Café. i didn’t realise just how popular this dessert is until i saw it in almost every review as belows. And tonnes of praises sung for the tiramisu too. Another dessert to keep in mind to try.

this place is where the ambience is more talked about than the food, but desserts are quite worth trying too. it’s a nice place to escape from the hustle & bustle of the city and to imagine oneself in some European cafe.

Café Café
175, Jln Maharajalela
50150 Kuala Lumpur
(location map)

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  1. MeiyeN said

    your post reminds me of da sinfully yummy dessert that i had months ago! feel like to have it right now…. 🙂

  2. […] but it was only after visiting this place that I found out that Banquet is the sister restaurant of Cafe Cafe. I think that fact alone warrants a re-visit to re-access the food as I enjoyed my dining […]

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