Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant

I have been to this Korean BBQ place for quite a few times now and have always associated it with delicious food and impeccable service. the owner sends you to the lift, and bows while thanking you! talk about being made to feel like royalty. i have been there with politikus too about a year ago and we had quite a spread. but what I didn’t know was that this is only a branch, and the HQ is in Desa Sri Hartamas. And apparently, the popular Korean singer, Rain and his dancers dined only at this Korean eatery when touring in Malaysia, which explains the signed banner I saw gracing the main entrance.

was surprised to see the crowd when we arrived. Guess we forgot about the Mother’s day crowd. Had to wait for about 20 minutes before we got a table, and even then, the free table was quite a large one at the elevated platform area so we shared with another party of three (who were koreans, good sign on food’s authenticity, heh). due to the packed turnout, the help were a little on the kelam-kabut side and not that attentive but I didn’t mind. as usual we started off with the variety of banchan, the side dishes where the regulars such as kimchi (pickled cabbage), Kkakdugi (diced daikon in red chilli seasoning), Kongnamul (bean sprouts in sesame oil), sigeumchi-namul (slightly boiled spinach dressed with sesame oil, garlic, and soy sauce), anchovies, peanuts etc were available.


We decided not to order the BBQ meats, and ordered ala carte items off their menu instead. My friend haven’t had korean fare in a while and was definitely longing for Pa Jeon (파전 – seafood pancake topped with spring onions). She wanted the beef bulgogi as well and I wanted the spicy squid, O Jing Er So Myn after trying the delicious version from Korean House.

I knew we wouldn’t go wrong with the beef, which was simmered with onions, enoki mushrooms, korean translucent vermicelli, julienned vege etc as it was very juicy and flavourful. Despite the thin cuts of the beef, there was also a layer of fat on it, not unlike the thin slivers used in Yoshinoya’s beef bowl rice which I thought added to the flavour. the pancake was quite good too, with a crispy edge. as for the spicy squid, I must admit it fell short of the standards of the previous one I had. It was still sufficiently spicy and tasty but somehow tasted different from the one I first tried and longed for.

towards the end of the meal, the owner of the restaurant was going around offering tables soju and stalks of carnations for mothers. i thought that was a rather sweet gesture.

Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant
8c, Top Speed Business Centre,
Jalan USJ 10/1J,
47620 UEP Subang Jaya.
Tel:03- 8024 2616

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