i first noticed Marmalade when the boutique next to it, Kitsch, drew my attention. Peering into the cafe, I liked what I saw. Bright, airy space, I intended to come back and try its offerings. So during the weekend, got my friend to accompany me. Nursing a cough and flu, I ordered the hot organic lemon green tea instead of an iced drink. It was served in a 1 cup bodum press, with a piece of biscotti. My friend had the iced chocolate which she claimed was very good.

marmalade2.jpg Having heard that the salads are good, I decided to try one of those instead of the brunch menu (served till 3p.m on weekends). Went for the “Avocado Accents”, which comprised of roasted chicken meat, diced avocado, diced red & yellow bell peppers (capsicums), apples, raisins and lettuce leaves. It was really tasty, and the raisins gave sudden burst of sweetness, which was unexpected and pleasant. The lite version costs RM14, and the full RM19. My friend chose the spaghetti carbonara and I liked the fact that they used pine nuts in the creamy sauce. At RM19 per serving.

Despite being stuffed, we still decided to try the Carrot Cake as I have heard great reviews about this slice of heaven. It was a rather large slice and we couldn’t finish it despite how delicious it was. It was moist, and lightly sweet. The caramelised orange rind complimented the taste very well. I only wish that the cake was warmed up before being served as I like it hot instead of cold. RM9 a slice.

Am definitely returning to this delightful place to try its brunch menu. Love the colourful plates and serving ware which is so cheery and spring-like.

Marmalade Cafe (www)
Lot 1F-18
Bangsar Village II
2, Jalan Telawi 2
Bangsar Baru
Kuala Lumpur

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