Breeze at Lebua, Bangkok

Bangkok’s Sirocco has long been featured in some of the reference books in our line and hence, we made it a point to visit Lebua this time round. And we were in for a treat as our bosses decided they would buy us dinner here! However when we arrived, we learned that to dine at Sirocco, one has to make reservations in advance and the Sky Bar wasn’t open yet due to the slight drizzle. But we could try Breeze, at the 52nd floor for the experience of dining high up admist the city skyline.


We started off with drinks at Ocean 52, the bar / lounge that leads out to Breeze. We were served mixed nuts, which included fresh almonds, walnuts etc. love the plush, velvet seats which we could sink in. the environment is rather muted and quiet, which is great for discussions and the like. Barely 15 minutes after we were seated, we were told that our table was ready and we were ushered out to Breeze.


You are made to feel like royalty as you enter Breeze. The 25m illuminated glass sky-bridge should be enough to awe you as it suspends above a lily pond and draws your attention to the city skyline. Above that, attentive ushers and waiters show you the way and consistently tell you to watch your step as you walk through a maze like corridor to the tables, which is meant to guide you through the best sights of the restaurant. We were lucky to get a nice table, at one of the glass balconies and got quite a good view of the bar and also the city skyline.



Before the orders are taken, the waiter hands cold towels for us to freshen up. And believe me, this is such a relief, esp. in the midst of Bangkok’s heat! Your preferred water (sparkling or still, or rather Perrier or Evian) is then served. As the bosses were buying, we asked them to order while sipping our drinks. Apple Mojito for me and the Breeze Punch and Strawberry Smoothie for my colleagues. Thought we could have more drinks later when we went up to the Sky Bar. And as we were waiting for the food, we were served honey roasted sesame cashew nuts with various pickles.


For starters, we had the Wasabi Prawns and the deep-fried soft shell crab with garlic and curry leaves (recommended by the waiter). The prawns came in a little deep fried basket of eggroll sheets and was coated in a creamy, wasabi sauce. I quite liked this and I am not normally the biggest fan of wasabi. But the horseradish taste was subtle here, and the prawns big and juicy. Frankly, we were quite excited about the other food we ordered after we tasted this. The crab was a bit of a letdown as I expected it to be crispier. We initially wanted to order something else which wasn’t available that night and was recommended the crabs.


Actually we were caught unawares of the fact that Breeze served mostly Asian style seafood as we were expecting more of an western menu. However, they had various barbecue dishes featuring australian and new zealand meat. We ordered the braised pork belly, new zealand lamb rack, fried australian prime rib eye, steamed cod fish, chicken besse and beef hor fun. Sad to say, none of the main courses we ordered stood out. In fact, my boss compared the braised pork belly to that obtainable in the cans from china (which only costs a couple of ringgit). the australian beef was frankly wasted in being cooked that way – stir fried with ginger and spring onions. even the beef in the fried hor fun had no taste to it. the chicken was only deep fried and served with a light mango salad. our best dish was perhaps the fish, but that was mostly due to the freshness of the fish itself.

Dining at Breeze is indeed an unforgettable experience thanks to the efficient staff, excellent view and ambience. However, I don’t think any of us are in a hurry to return as the quality of the food does not befit the price charged for it. I think we were all disappointed as we had such high hopes for it after hearing all the rave reviews. We made a quick stop at the Sky Bar at the 64th Floor but didn’t stay as the place was quite crowded and there was little space to stand, let alone any place to sit! Just one circle around the multihued Sky Bar shows you all there’s to see and we were satisfied with just that.

Lebua at State Tower,
1055/111 Silom Rd,
Bangkok 10500,


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