Ramly Burger


i have been having a craving for a Ramly Burger Special the whole day and I noticed that my neighborhood stall has been closed for some time now. At a loss of where to get my craving satiated, I decided to drive to the nearby neighborhood of SS15 to scour the alleys for these makeshift stalls.

finally spotted one in front of the new wet market, nearby the very popular Darussalam mamak spot and quickly ordered my Burger Daging Special (Beef Burger Special). the guy taking the order was very serious and even jotted down my order in a notebook after consulting the menu. i was lucky to be early as after i placed my order, about 5 more people came up and made their orders, and were told that they had quite a while to wait.

for those unfamiliar with the preparation of a Ramly Burger, the patty (must be Ramly’s lah!) is sliced into half and cooked with various condiments, and most importantly, Planta margarine (lol). Then, an egg is cracked and the patty wrapped up in the egg before being piled onto the bread together with the other sliced vegetables (cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers etc) and sauces (mayo, chilli, and sometimes, bbq sauce).

I added in a slice of cheddar cheese when I got home to make my Ramly Burger Special into my own Ramly Burger Special Cheese. And quickly dug in. The patty is a bit on the dry side, would have preferred it juicier but beggars can’t be choosers, can they? And at least, with this quick fix, it’ll be a while before I go late night driving, hunting for another Ramly Burger.



  1. Joy said

    Your burger is killing me! I want one!

  2. timlow2002 said

    Your Ramly burger … gosh .. it’s so real and near. I just want to reach out and grab it. I am looking at my watch now, no wonder … it’s dinner time already !!!!!!! Aaaarrrrgghh …… !

    epicuriousgirl says: lol.

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