Food Republic, Singapore


for some reason, we kept ending up at Food Republic during our weekend in Singapore. not intentionally though, yet the two shopping malls we visited, Vivocity and Wisma Atria both had Food Republic as their food courts. the first thing that struck me when I stepped into Food Republic was the decor. The olden chinese element, quaint yet cozy. the one in Vivocity is huge of course, whilst the one in Wisma Atria only features 14 stalls. still, most of the stalls can be found in both places.

decided to try the beef brisket noodles from “Chinatown Beef Noodles牛车水牛王”. The soup was robust which warmed me up. they were very generous with the “hor fun” (河粉) portion too which I couldn’t finish. The other things that I tried was the popiah, bbq chicken wings and oyster omelette which we shared. Didn’t think much about them, even if the chicken wings are rather crispy. Also had the soya bean (豆漿) and “yau char kway” (油炸鬼/油条 – fried chinese dough crullers). Love the consistency of the soya bean which wasn’t too sweet.

Couldn’t resist trying the Singapore Fried Hokkien Prawn Noodles which I saw was a popular choice. The noodles (mix of yellow and rice flour ones) are fried wet, as they are stewed and later fried in seafood stock. then, squid rings, prawns, vegetables etc are tossed in. to enhance the taste, one squeezes lime juice on it and mixes in some sambal chilli. apparently, the soft palm bark (fragrant opei leaf) served with it is supposed to set off the fragant smell to bowl you over. The stall that was selling the noodles was Yong Heng Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee and there was already a queue there when I arrived, and a young man was frying the noodles in this huge wok, adding the pre-cooked prawns & squid rings bit by bit. I did think that quality was overshadowed by quantity here, as the noodles were not as hot as I would like it to be. And i couldn’t taste what all the fuss about these prawn noodles were. I guess I should try the authentic hawker ones next time, instead of having it at a food court.

The biggest hit with my colleagues was most probably the slow-fire boiled soups (炖汤) from “Granny Fine Soups 嬷嬷靓汤”. Between the few of us, we have tried the Lotus Root Soup (蓮藕汤), Ginseng Chicken Soup(人参鸡汤), Black Chicken Soup and the Pork Rib & Corn Soup. We also had the steamed egg custard (蒸水蛋) and steamed minced pork (梅菜蒸肉) and the steamed pork ribs. As it was rather early when we had some of the soups, it wasn’t flavourful enough. Yet we didn’t have this problem when we tried the soups again later in the evening.

Despite the mediocre fare I had at Food Republic, I don’t think that’ll deter me from going back again as I enjoy the variety and convenience of food courts. And I think at the back of mind, I always knew that quality of food at food courts are the sacrifice for speed and quantity.

Food Republic
VivoCity Level 3
1 Harbourfront Walk

Food Republic
435 Orchard Road
#04-00 Wisma Atria
Singapore 238877

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  1. loop said

    Their service at their Suntec Branch are really lousy, before you can finish the food, the service staff come over & wanted to remove your plate. The food sold there is also so-so only.

    epicuriousgirl says: I haven’t been to the one at Suntec so I can’t comment, but yes, agree that the food sold is mediocre only.

  2. Ho said

    nowadays food court food quite ex hor…

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