Newton Circus Food Centre, Singapore

Was brought to Newton Circus Food Centre for a quick bite during our trip in Singapore. Heard that this hawker centre is very popular with tourists but since we were there in the late afternoon, we saw more locals. the place looks newly renovated and is quite clean.


we sat down in front of stall no.6 as most of my colleagues opted for the teochew fish porridge. just a few stalls down was this dessert stall selling a wide variety of hot and cold desserts and i was quite surprised to see “Dou Suan” (豆宣) on the signboard. Ordered it without hesitation as it’s one dessert that transports me down memory lane, back in the days of my childhood when my grandmother used to cook it. it’s actually split mung beans (绿豆), or deskinned ones and are light yellow in colour. cooked to a starchy consistency, it’s then eaten with sliced “yau char kway” (油炸鬼/油条). Love the blend of sweet & savoury taste. It’s purported to be rather cooling too.


instead of fish porridge, i decided to have “Kway Chap” (粿汁), another hawker specialty that I used to eat in my hometown but isn’t available in KL. At Newton’s, Stall 13, Kwee Heng (贵興) sells it apart from other braised meat. It’s basically a teochew dish of flat, broad rice sheets in a soup made with dark soy sauce, served with pig offal, braised beancurd, and braised hard-boiled eggs. Ordered a bit more of the braised pork bits to share with the others. this sure brings back fond memories even though I would prefer it to be less oily. Boss’s friend who sat opposite me ordered the “Bak Chor Noodles” (肉脞面 / Minced Pork Noodles) and it looked so good and enticing! the flat noodles were served with minced pork, mushrooms, lettuce, meatballs and fishcake. Must source the best one available before my next trip to Singapore and try it!

I guess Hawker Centres are the safest bet for those who want a variety of authentic hawker food and Singapore has countless numbers of them.

Newton Food Centre
Newton Circus, entrance at Cavenagh Road.
Singapore 55000


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