The Pump Room, Singapore

our boss decided to bring us to clarke quay to check out the night spots and somehow we ended up at the pump room. more of her scene, I guess. nice booths with muted lighting, a live band etc. of course i was more curious about the other places i’ve heard about such as the clinic (with a hospital theme), ministry of sound etc. but in the end i am pretty glad we chose the pump room.


the place also brews its own beer and we chose the bohemian ale instead of their signature India Pale ale after trying samples of all their 5 home-brewed beer. later they had a buy 1 free 1 promo but i can’t remember what time it started from. we had some cranberry juice too for a non-alcoholic option. boss herself had a chardonnay which really relaxed her. she was ready to dance to the live band! the live band that was playing that nite was Jive Talkin’ and they play quite a nice array of songs, most which are familiar to us.


We ordered only the baby back ribs marinated in beer and two desserts, a pavlova with tropical fruits & passion fruit curd and the coconut creme brulee to share. the ribs came first, served with wedges and some leafy salad followed shortly by the 2 sweets. i think the chef was a little heavy on the barbecue sauce, as i couldn’t really taste the beer. but the ribs were tender and juicy and we loved it. boss said it was comparable to tony roma’s. we couldn’t even finish the serving of wedges, coz it was quite generous.

i wasn’t too keen on the soft-centred pavlova with the tropical fruits. however it would definitely appeal to those who are partial to lemon meringue. the creme brulee was served with biscotti, raspberry & blueberry. it was quite fun to crack the top of it and to dig in. i definitely preferred this to the pavlova.

it was indeed a great night out – fun company, good music and scrumptious food. i’d definitely come back to clarke quay and check out some of the other restaurants lining the river and watch couples dating by the river, as river taxis cruise up and down. and maybe lounge at one of the outdoor pod like booths beside the colourful restaurants & bars.

The Pump Room
3B River Valley Road,
The Foundry, #01-09/10,
Singapore 179021

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