Little Dim Sum II

i did a review on the little dim sum place a couple of months ago and since then, they have added more new items and hence, I lobbied my colleagues to go with me after work one day since this place offers dim sum the entire day.


Spurred by the recent review in the star, we were rather excited about trying the newly added Mango Tong Yuen (芒果汤圆). Priced at RM4 for 3 rice balls, this dessert is only available in the evenings. The yellow-orangey balls came in a hot steaming ginger broth. Quickly took a bite to see if it tastes as good as it looks but must admit I was kinda disappointed. The skin or dough of the rice ball tasted weird, and somewhat powdery. Even the rich mango puree couldn’t disguise the taste. Still, I managed to finish one rice ball. My colleagues gave up after one bite.


Noticed a new addition to the dim sum varieties – “Spotted Shrimp Bags” which was actually shrimp and jackfruit (波罗蜜) bits in a translucent like skin. Sure, the combination sounds pretty unlikely, but it actually tasted good! Even I was caught by surprise. And all of us liked it.
I was also urged to try the ramen with shrimp dumpling, at RM6.80 per bowl. I wasn’t disappointed with this as the shrimp dumpling was very fresh and tasty. The ramen is quite springy as well. But I think overall, I prefer the dim sum dishes to the noodles.

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  1. I was attracted to the mango tong yuen too.

  2. Hi, thanks for linking me. I was back again for dim sum 2 days ago and will post about it soon. Heard bad reviews on the tong yuen…didn’t Ah Wong from that tv series took a long time to perfect it? Hahaha..probably this place needs some time too. Their Bacon Roll was excellent!

  3. A Little Dim Sum Place said

    Our apologies for the Mango Tong Yuen. It should not taste powdery. It tasted powdery because the skin was not completely cooked. If the tong yuen was over-cooked, it will burst so we need to be careful. With a large crowd, our chef likely under-cook the tong yuen causing that powdery taste. As to the filling, we did it as close to Ah Wong as possible. Mango and ice cream is the main ingredients of the filling. If you ever come by again, we’d like a second chance. Comments will help us improve.


  4. Bito said

    hei, i tried the tong yuen as well , it doesnt taste so bad as described. Think you should go and try another time as mentioned by A Little Dim Sum Place here.

    epicuriousgirl says: well, i tried it too and that’s my two cents on the taste. i do think it’s a little overpriced as well so i won’t be in a hurry to try it again even though i’m very fond of a little dim sum place.

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