Zuup Soup Bar, 1U

zuupbar.jpgi have been intrigued by zuup soup bar eversince i saw it tucked away in some obscure corner but somehow never managed to try it until recently. I quite like the look of the eatery, despite its small size. It has a somewhat clean, retro and cozy feel to it. To my surprise, saw a little enclave tucked away on the inside which could seat up to 10-12 people perhaps. I bet it would be a good spot for a private party!

Kids & teens alike will be excited with the PS2 that’s placed at one corner for their usage, FOC. Even my friend was tempted to have a go at it, but since some other guy was having fun with it we decided to browse the magazines one of the staff has thoughtfully placed on our table after we ordered. The staff also places a tealight candle on our table, which I assume is to enhance the mood or the like. But my friends and I always joked that the light from that lone tealight candle is to help us read/see better. Lol.

They have a whole menu on soups alone, and you an order any of them in the starter or regular size, or even in a bread bowl. The ones that caught my attention was the English Seafood Chowder, Butternut Pumpkin Soup, Minestrone, and Wild Mushroom Cappucino. I decided to have the Pumpkin soup in the bread bowl to share with my friend. We didn’t know the lunch set she ordered came with a starter size “Soup of the Day” which was Tomato & Pasta.


I am quite pleased with my choice of the pumpkin soup which was very hearty and creamy. the croutons that were served with it was a little more burnt than I would like it, but there was a lot of it to go around. Broke bits of the bread to dip in the soup. One of the servers actually asked us if the soup was ok, which I thought was quite attentive of him.


My friend had the baked potato with sour sauce which was part of her set meal. Served with salad (lettuce leaves & alfafa sprouts) and garnished with a single stalk of chives. I think she enjoyed it very much as she practically licked the plate clean. Either that, or she was very hungry. Lol. I had a bite and I felt that the topping complimented the hot baked potato very well. I ordered the Rack of Lamb that came with mint sauce and some sauteed onions and greens. It was a tad too oily for my liking, hence I didn’t enjoy it as much as I hoped to. But flavouring was just right, so I was encouraged to return to Zuup about a week later with another friend.

zuup3.jpg this time, my friend and I both had a good look at the menu before we ordered. the owners of the eatery (brothers, I believe) were around and I could see that they were very friendly with some of the regulars. Having a need to quench my thirst, I ordered Citronade and my friend, Passion Fruit Fizz. Didn’t know we would be ordering such colourful drinks (mine was blue and hers orange after being stirred). Lol. But they tasted very good!


once again, decided to share a soup and since my friend said “i need my meat!”, we chose the “Hungarian Lamb Stew” in a regular size. The soup had chunks of lamb, carrots, celery and onions in a consistent stew gravy, served with a dollop of cream and a sprig of parsley. We tucked in eagerly and was pleased to find how hearty the soup was. Definitely tummy-warming! tender meat and flavourful blend of spice and herbs. By the time our main courses came, there was only celery bits (I don’t really eat it) left in the dry bowl.

I ordered “Chick on Toast” which was fried chicken, salad, ham stacked on a piece of toast, and topped with a slice of cheese, and served with brown mushroom sauce. I quite like the fact that the waiter asked if I wanted him to pour the sauce or have it served separately. Obviously the latter since I needed to try the sauce first. I would have prefer creamy mushroom sauce but this wasn’t too bad. Everything was quite crisp, even the greens but I wish they used ham which wasn’t so artificial in colour and taste.

My friend ordered the “Pan Seared Dory” without realising that it was served with spaghetti as it wasn’t listed under the Pasta section in the menu. but as she was trying to decide between the fish and a pasta dish earlier, i’m sure she was more than happy to get a combination of both in the end. lol. the creamy garlic sauce used was a little bland, but that could be remedied with a little salt & pepper. we both liked how the chef twisted the long bean to form a ring to top the fish & spaghetti.

i think the variety of soups here will definitely spur me to come again as i would like to try them all! plus, service is impeccable and ambience cosy. great place to catch up. 🙂

Zuup Soup Bar
LG 223, Lower Ground Floor,
1 Utama Shopping Centre,
Lebuh Bandar Utama,
47800 Petaling Jaya.

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  1. Been meaning to try this for the longest time. Service sounds good, looks like the owners have taken the time to train them.

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