Kai Kee

looking for eating spots in KL at night isn’t too hard. just look at where the cars are parked and follow the crowd! was cruising down the roads of KL with a friend one night and he recommended Kai Kee which supposedly serves excellent Spare Ribs Noodles (排骨面). driving down Jalan Maharajalela, one is bound to see one crowded corner lot shop with double parked cars along the row of shops, which serves Hokkien Mee. Judging by the crowd, the noodles must be something. But that will be tried and reviewed another day.

but just a few shops away, on the next block is Restoran Mee Kai Kee. This inconspicuous eatery packs in its loyal crowd too, offering noodles of all sorts, with the most popular one being Curry Noodles (咖哩面). Other well-known items on its menu includes Ipoh Beansprout Chicken (怡保芽菜鸡) and Prawn Noodles (虾面). I’m not too sure how to order here as our orders were taken by a foreign worker whose cantonese wasn’t exactly the most fluent. but i’m guessing that even upon ordering Curry Noodles, you can choose what to add – Chicken, meat/fishballs and spare ribs. I decided to have only spare ribs and noodles while my friend ordered curry noodles topped with the spare ribs.

kaikee.jpgI must say I didn’t expect yellow noodles (油面) to be used. If I knew beforehand, I would have asked for either hor fun(河粉) or something else as i don’t really like the alkaline taste in the noodles. The spare ribs were very good, tender and well imbibed in the gravy’s juices and I polished them off. Ah, pity about the noodles, which isn’t my favourite.

Restoran Mee Kai Kee 佳记面家
141, Jalan Maharajalela,
Kuala Lumpur.

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sun2surf (has location map)


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  1. I always thought it’s just chicken rice – thxs for the info on the noodles. Wonder if this is the same one we used to eat long ago after doing our duty in Ching Ming at the nearby cemetery. Must revisit this. Thanks for the reminder.

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