Korean House

A friend dropped by from Johor Bahru during the weekend and we proceeded to meet up for dinner with another mutual friend. He was hankering after decent korean fare and we were near Desa Sri Hartamas. Hence I suggested Korean House. Despite being a korean restaurant, the deco was more western than korean. but what exactly is korean deco? beats me.

It was still early for dinner when we dropped by around 6 p.m, but we saw two large korean families enjoying their dinner at the tatami-style seating area, which is always a sure sign that the food is rather authentic. the three of us went a little overboard while ordering as we each had something we salivated after. for me, i had to try the kimchi chigae (spicy kimchi, at RM15) soup. the other two ordered beebimbab (mixed rice, at RM15) and oji nyue bokom (spicy squid, at RM30) respectively.

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the soup came piping hot and was deliciously sour and spicy, with generous chunks of tofu and some thin pork belly slices. it sure had a way of whetting our appetites. i preferred this version to the one i tried in hauen khon as the soup’s spiciness and flavour was more concentrated. my friend should have ordered the beebimbab in the heated stone bowl (doisot beebimbap) as the rice that has continued contact to the bowl would have a light brown, crispy bite to it. even my friend thought he ordered the wrong version. lol. but still, we enjoyed this immensely. i think the highlight of this korean dinner was perhaps the spicy squid. served cold with noodles, we were to mix it well ourselves. the chilli paste used has a tinge of sweetness to it, which accentuated the flavour of the squid. i wouldn’t mind ordering this the next time should i visit Korean House again.


actually, we started off with banchan, the variety of side dishes that were served to us (more than 10, if I am not mistaken). there was the usual kimchi, korean style potato salad (with apples), kongnamul (bean sprouts in sesame dressing), squid kimchi and many other types. apart from the usual cold side dishes, they served two others heated, one that was like custard egg in a metal bowl, and the other, corn & sausage bits in a mayonnaise dressing on a heated plate. yum!


and typically at a korean restaurant, we ordered two meats (the minimum order) for the korean BBQ – pog galbee (seasoned pork ribs, at RM28) and samgeobsal (unseasoned bacon cut from the pork belly at RM25). the waiter normally cooks the meat over the heated metal plate by flipping it over once he has cut the meat into bite size pieces. when it’s ready, he either piles it all on the side of a clean metal plate, or he distributes the pieces evenly. then, grab a piece of lettuce, run the garlic slices over the heated metal plates for a bit and wrap that up with the meat and some ssamjiang sauce before taking a bite.

despite thinking that the food would be too much for us, we managed to polish off everything and even had enough space for the complimentary watermelon slices at the end of the meal! it was one of the most satisfying korean meals i have had so far. our only complaint was that we smelt of smoke when we left as there was no exhaust pipes at the tables. but still, highly recommended.

Korean House
No.38-1, Jalan 25/70A,
Desa Sri Hartamas.

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  1. marvin said

    I love the beebimbab!!! All your pictures look awesome and I like the way you wrote your review. Makes me kind’a craving for Korean food right now. 🙂

  2. […] We decided not to order the BBQ meats, and ordered ala carte items off their menu instead. My friend haven’t had korean fare in a while and was definitely longing for Pa Jeon (파전 – seafood pancake topped with spring onions). She wanted the beef bulgogi as well and I wanted the spicy squid, O Jing Er So Myn after trying the delicious version from Korean House. […]

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