Two Dragons, Siem Reap

l-r: our guesthouse’s facade, with Sokla, our tuk-tuk driver standing in front of it. Our Room, #15

we put up at two dragons guesthouse during our sojourn in siem reap due to the raving reviews in travelfish. true enough, the simple rooms were very clean, with the basics (towel, bottle of water) given. we didn’t manage to work the hot shower but that didn’t matter as i relied on the cold (more like lukewarm, actually) water to cool me down after a hot day out exploring. the tv had about 80 channels (!) and there was free wi-fi.

also read some great reviews on the restaurant so we had our first meal in siem reap there. there was a “khmer specials” on friday, which offered a 50 cents discount on the khmer dishes. both of our dishes cost $3.75 each originally. somehow i ended up choosing steamed freshwater fish with some citrus sauce (can’t remember the name). the fish came garnished with lime slices and the sauce has taken on the flavour of the fanta orange soda that they had used in making it. i must admit i wasn’t took keen on the taste of soda on fish even though the waitress told me it was a good choice when i ordered it. the chunks of fish were quite generous though, and since it was only coated with the sauce, parts of the freshwater fish retained a tinge of a muddy taste. was a little amused to see our rice served in a triangular shape.


politikus made a better choice i did in ordering amok, the steamed fish curry which is a traditional khmer dish. it came in an hollowed out coconut, which was more for decorative than taste purposes. to me, amok tasted somewhat like thai green curry, only that fish was used instead of other meats. it has copious amounts of coconut milk though, so it is very rich tasting. loved the use of sliced kaffir lime leaves and peanuts in the gravy. it wasn’t spicy at all. apparently, there are other ways to serve amok, ala otak-otak manner, custard-like, in banana leaf cups.

both of us were glad we ate the freshwater fish in our first meal as we visited the floating village Chong Khneas at tonle sap lake, the largest freshwater lake in south east asia and were not too keen on fish after that. lol. i guess the murky, teh-tarik coloured waters of the lake, coupled with the “lifestyle” of the boat people that made me balk a little.

washed down our lunch with excellent fruit shakes (i had coconut, she strawberries), which is blended with yogurt and crushed ice. we later found out that fruit shakes are a big thing in siem reap, with almost every restaurant offering them, at about $1 to $1.50 per glass.

Two Dragons Guesthouse & Restaurant
#110 Wat Bo Village,
Siem Reap, Cambodia .


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