Blue Pumpkin, Siem Reap.

Cloudy Sunrise politikus and i planned a trip to siem reap quite a while back and put it to the back of our minds as we had months to go before it materialised. however, time has a way of creeping up on you and suddenly it’s time to go. the trip is quite an eye-opener as urbanisation levels were so conflicting. dirt roads and huts, street kids vs limos, 5 star hotels, spas… i tried to embrace it all but at times i admitted defeat to the heat & humidity. (note to self: check on weather before booking future dates) even though we ate mostly khmer food, i must admit it was nice (and very bourgeois) to step foot into the blue pumpkin, nearby Psar Chaa (the Old Market).


quite a few people in my work circle have recommended the blue pumpkin, for the ID. and we were not disappointed. the first floor (or is it mezzanine?) enclave had tables with bean bags strewn around. However, the air-conditioned floor is upstairs and boasted of an all white minimalist concept. there are divine starck-inspired bed-like sofas stacked with fluffy pillows for patrons to chill out. I am also quickly reminded of Bangkok’s Bed Supperclub.

as soon as one is seated, the waiter brings you the pretty menu and mint-scented cold towels. quite a nice touch really as it instantly refreshes. the patrons were mostly foreigners, either lounging or typing furiously at their laptops (since blue pumpkin offers free wi-fi) in the cool reprieve from the heat outside. politikus ordered chai masala tea which came in this cute, green teapot. i went for the coconut sherbet & raspberries ice cream shake, as i was very much tempted by the variety of ice-cream they had.

for lunch, we somehow ended up with pasta instead of any khmer food. i reckon the local food here wouldn’t taste as authentic as the one we had in Psar Chaa anyway. so we had chicken ravioli (in creamy basil, black olive & bacon sauce) and fettucine seafood (with crushed tomatoes, basil & garlic).


tbp4.jpg the blue pumpkin may seem upscale in comparison to the other restaurants around the Psar Chaa area, but the prices are pretty reasonable and it’s an awesome place to just relax and catch up. i think it made quite the impression on politikus and me as we found ourselves back there on our second last day after an especially hot afternoon’s shopping. just had a glass of icy cold orangina and apple pie la mode (actually it was just apple tart puff pastry with pineapple sherbet).

to our surprise upon arriving at the departure of siem reap international airport, there was another blue pumpkin there, a smaller one just selling drinks, ice-cream and pastry. i noticed that a scoop of ice-cream here was cheaper than getting it in town, so if you’re early , do indulge.

the blue pumpkin
365 mondol 1
svay dang kum (Old Market area)
siem reap, cambodia.

6:00AM – Midnight
Tel: 012-946227

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  1. It sounds nice – will keep this in mind IF I visit Siem Reap.

  2. kruder said

    i want to gooooooooo…

  3. anuman said

    i was there last febuary and had some ginger with specules and sesame flavoured ice cream. delish!

  4. Kristen said

    The cinnamon ice cream was amazing as well! They have quite nice breakfast pastries that were a nice change to the Lo Cha we often had for breakfast. One was peach-filled!

  5. Maria said

    i agree re: the sesame ice-cream. yummy.

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