Haeun Khon

politikus has been meaning to bring me to this Korean restaurant in Amcorp Mall for a while now. But the first time we dropped by, the place was closed. This time around, we were lucky. The place is a bit smaller than the typical korean eateries I’ve been to. Deco was a little bland too but we’re there for the food! We were quickly seated and handed a menu.

I order the beef bulgogi set that came in a tray complete with the beef (with onion & oyster mushrooms) and rice in a traditional metal container, soup, fruit and other side dishes (kimchi, tofu with chilli & soy sauce and stir fried bean sprouts). The meat was tender and juicy. However, I do prefer the authentic version that comes with the translucent rice vermicelli but for a budget version, this is actually quite good.

hk2.jpg hk3.jpg
politikus recommended the kimchi soup which we shared and she herself got the BBQ marinated lamb set. the soup was fiery and had loads of pickled vegetables.

Quite a good find for budget korean meals. So it’s worth a visit.

Restoran Haeun Khon (海雲軒)
Lot 336, Third Floor
Amcorp Mall,
No. 18, Persiaran Barat,
Off Jalan Timur
46050 Petaling Jaya

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  1. Yeah, this place is really budget Korean. It’s so packed during the weekends though so finding a space is really not easy.

  2. KY said

    this place is definitely value for money. 🙂

  3. […] slices. it sure had a way of whetting our appetites. i preferred this version to the one i tried in hauen khon as the soup’s spiciness and flavour was more concentrated. my friend should have ordered the […]

  4. alice said

    they have another branch at Jaya Supermarket, Section 14 PJ.

  5. april said

    Hi all,

    Thought of wanted to share out my newfound Korean Kimchi website.

    I have tasted it and it tasted good and fresh, not like those in Tesco, Giant, Cold Storage. Also the price is affordable.

    Try it out Authentic Korean ….


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